Monday Evening Thread of Joy and Happiness

Before my time, pal. Came out before I was born.

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nice try, gramps


joy because I’m back AMIRITE?!


I’m really happy. New job is such a weight off my shoulders and I was more sociable than I usually am when starting a job (mix of being more generally confident, feeling good about myself because my outfit was good, 2 of my 3 officemates also being new starters today and being confident in my work skills), I’m excited about the thought of having a routine again and seeing more of my friends in RTW, and I have loads of new bows!!! Aaaaaah!!

Only downside is my brother being a racist cunt again. He’s started calling me a shortened version of the n-word for edgelord ‘bants’. I was like “Don’t call me that…” and he asked why and I said “Because it’s stupid, not funny” and he was like “When did you become such a big anti-racism do-gooder???” (or something to that effect). Omg lol I literally went for the tamest way of challenging it (I know him… anything even vaguely approaching ‘SJW’ talk will be counterproductive) and he still was a dick about it. fffffffff he is so awful


oh, and also happy because @Bamnan is safe and well and has gifted us with more tunes x


ah wow you have a new job?! congrats! Glad it’s going well for you. Your old place sounded pretty stressful!

Sorry your brother is being a shit

GF called to see if I wanted to go eat some afghan food at this boss place near her work, cos she’s working late, so gonna pop out and get some cans/bottles for the BYOB

Might just go down Morrisons and take advantage of their B***dog deal again cos cba to be on the craft craft stuff

Used to rent The Neverending Story all the time. Atreyu :pensive:

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Yep! It’s data entry again which isn’t what I wanted to be doing, but it’s as part of a project which is really motivating for me, it’s more stable/better paid and a change of scene (Tunbridge Wells is a bustling metropolis compared to my tiny hometown), and it’s SUCH a relief to be back with lovely computers instead of idiot customers. and my line manager is one of my best mate’s mums, and she is a total legend :heart:


too soon :disappointed_relieved:

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Pesto Spaghetti for dinner later fuck yes.
Gonna make a double batch just so I can be greedy and eat leftovers later too.

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Classic @Witches bringing the mood down


aw sounds wonderful :slight_smile:

I’ve never seen the film so all my associations for this are the american metalcore band.

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The film is just a tour documentary of them basically. Would watch again.

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Haha…nice try!

I’m confused! Why are you sad!?

Oh hang on, it’s Artax I’m sad about. Atreyu was the kid.


I’ve got some frozen dumplings and I’m going to get some salt and pepper chips from the local chinese/chip shop

doing nothing else