Monday Evening Thread sponsored by sedative

I love that stuff.


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Don’t think I can be arsed with the pub.

Listening tUnE-yArDs

Also, like fuck is it evening yet


Only 12.15 here lovelies. In the airport already despite the flight not being for FIVE hours so expect a lot of Slicky posts coming up.

Earlier me and my sisters were in my Dad’s car on the way to a meal and his phone starts ringing and its connected to the car so it comes up with whos calling and we were like lol who’s that?

turns out its what he saves those annoying ppi/accident claims calls as lmao


Gonna play a board game (escape from colditz)

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Would’ve been funny if it was barleysugar :smile:

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Tonight I’m going to my parents and sisters to feed their cats whilst they are on holiday.

I decided to leave the car at home as it’s easier to get to my parents by train. But a trains broken down, so there are no trains. Joy.



when a man is tired of the pub he is tired of etc

etc sucks tbf

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Struggling a bit today tbh. Had a really stressful day taking the cat to the vet, got a lot of other stuff on my mind at the moment too and it’s a bit overwhelming. Especially since the list of ‘things I have to do’ is piling up like nothing else atm

Hopefully a decent night of sleep will sort me out and I can break through it tomorrow.

Oh, it’s like that is it? :wink:


Early slint album cover


Few years and then it gets like…


:heart_eyes::heart_eyes: she’s so gorgeous!


FAO @Epimer and anyone else who CARES ABOUT THE PLANET

Ooh I’ve got one of these. Love it. Although you can get the handle personalised with 3 letters and I got my initials and was all pleased about it till I told my dad and he reminded me that my first name is 3 letters long and I could have just got that, so now every time I use it I feel like a classy fool.