Monday Evening Thread with Beans

Evening. I’ve had beans on toast for both lunch and dinner today - this is gonna be bad isn’t it? Quizzing tonight, going for three in a row.

What’s about you huns?


Evening laelfs and all who follow you. Off to a cinema double at the BFI tonight, with Mark Kermode’s monthly event followed by the premiere of The Lighthouse. They also finish in time for a pint on the way home. Result.

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In pub no.2
Some people on a first date or something have sat pretty much on my table.
She is some gorgeous Italian lady. He is trying pretty hard god bless him.

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Pray 4 Laelfy.

I’m actually quite jealous - I can’t eat beans any more for, erm, reasons.


Looooong day of counting done, and tomorrow is my Friday :slightly_smiling_face: Got Quorn nuggets, wedges and beans for tea like a child. Fucking knackered mates.

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Just woken up from a nap after getting back from a very lovely long weekend in Galloway Forest Park, one of the highlights of which was feeding carrots to this excellent wild stag from a little hide. Such a handsome little face :heart_eyes::carrot::deer:

Quiz time sooooon.


I’m finishing off a bit of work, and eating brazilian pork and black beans. With the cat.


I had a long list of things I was gonna do today now that I’m better from my Hell Flu, but I ended up sleeping most of the day and now I’ve spent 15 minutes cleaning I’ve had to have a sit down to rest. Oh well. Currently considering whether I’ll be up for interviewing a filmmaker tomorrow, have to decide asap. Decisions!

“Have you previously been with pychopaths?”
This guy is actually pretty funny.
Posting titbits on the internet of a first date

  • ok
  • Not ok!

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Omg that smile!!! What a gbos.

I’ve got a mushroom pie and plan to make some carrot mash to go with.

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he looks very friendly indeed :relaxed: :+1:

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It’s so close it’s like I’m in bed with them

Tbqh I get @tilty and @Im_On_Safari mixed up when I’m just glancing at the posts - sometimes makes for tonal whiplash!


She can be quite abrasive when compared to my dulcet tones


@laelfy etc - pretty easy quiz or does glasgow just contain a load of big brains

Ok, I’ve left at the point of him explaining what a Tesco meal deal is

Bit rude! Obviously we’re just a superior collection of brains working in harmony to beat the competition its medium to mildly difficult compared to others I’ve done


That’s the best way, my current one is pretty easy so it isn’t quite as fun

(We still never win anyway ffs)

What’s your team name?

Got a new phone. Don’t like it. It’s too big and has this stupid feature where you need to look at the screen to unlock it. Miss the old Touch ID thing.

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