Monday Evening Thread with Beans

Hate having small hands

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bit depressed but never mind

Evening lovelies.

Work was…fine.

Now home and got chips and Linda Mc sausage rolls in the oven for when kids get back from piano. Mmmmm brown tea :smiley:

Got a good idea for a what lyrics do you know thread for later. Has this been done??

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Can’t you turn it off

Changes weekly, have to come up with one based on a set theme. Last week we were The Queen is a Socialist :man_shrugging:

Slicky if we only stuck to threads that hadn’t been done before things would be awful quiet round here.


Cooking smells are making me yampy

You’re right. Pringle?? (This is me offering you one btw)

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What flavour?

I only ever buy sour cream and onion.

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The alternative is to bash in a code every time, and I’m too lazy for that.

Gonna see if there’s some movement to bring back Touch ID

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Yes please. I’ll have 8 please and you’d better look the other way for a minute.


I also miss the home button.

Might send it back

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My tongue is still too big. Always biting on it. Wonder if it’ll fall off one day? That happened to a girl on the bus to school.

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@laelfy The thread title is a Kevin Eldon thing, right??

And I’ve just blinded myself by looking into the torch. Great

David baddiel looks a bit like a disser lol

What’s the DiS team name? I may have missed this before.

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Reckon Matt baker has a few skeletons in his closet. Like he used to be a streetfighter or dealt coke before he made it to the big time. Something doesn’t sit right anyway.

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Yeah sure