Monday Evening Thread with Beans

Sorted for Es and Quiz



We are obviously really smart


I have a lot of reading to do for a three hr(!) long seminar discussing if Syria marks an end to humanitarian intervention
Quite a lot of work for what can be summed up as “it was never a thing”

Oh that’s good.

Think he was a gymnast, the least shady thing anyone could be.

Idk man. He says he was.

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Meant to be going to a quiz tonight that Ms. PB organised but I feel quite shit and just want to die in bed. She’s said it’s ok that I don’t go but I still feel bad so I might go… Not even sure what’s wrong.

Still a hero for asking Cameron how he sleeps at night



In the late 1990s, as a drama student at Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh, Baker worked as an entertainer, and with a 1970s comedy disco-dancing revival show called “Disco Inferno”, which toured the north of England.[2] The Disco group, Disco Inferno, performed in nightclubs in Cleethorpes (Pier 39), Barnsley (Hedonism) and Wakefield (Foundation). Baker played the part of “Butch Vendor, the LA Bartender”, on stage along with other disco dancers with names such as: Lionel Flare (played by former UK child TV star Ryan Dyer), Randy Rodgers, Jock Strap and Richard Itchin.[7] He had to Disco Dance, do freestyle routines with back flips, and juggle wooden clubs which his father painted to look like champagne and spirits bottles. His leaving gift from the Disco Inferno team was the disco duck suit and a signed picture of Lynne Perrie.[8]


Just to vent about trains: WHYYY are they so expensive?? Looking at 3 weeks from now, and 2 people on a return journey from London to Newcastle costs £213, even with a railcard :cold_sweat:

the Fact that he’s got that in his locker just makes him more suspicious

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I knew this already. The whole package just doesn’t make sense

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He does present Countryfile, everyone in the country is up to something, trust me.



Good luck with your quiz!

I am sweaty from working out.

  • Quick Shower
  • Bubble Bath

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Spent the afternoon sitting in a cosy pub by the fire catching up with an old friend. Now home eating pasta and meat*balls. Gotta do some boring stuff tonight that I cba to do.


Hey. At me ma and pas. Having a beer and a cottage pie in a bit

Feel like I’m just in an ongoing battle against everything and everyone in my life. Conatant negativity strewn on me from every aspect. Just been berated by the person most closest so I have no one to turn to or get support from. Just fucking shit fucking cycle and obviously I’m not worthy of being around. :person_shrugging::roll_eyes: Whatever fuck off cba

Sorry you feel like this Faps :frowning:
I’m always here if you want to chat - you can DM me or add me on whatsapp :slight_smile: (or not, I won’t be offended if you don’t want to confide in some weirdo from the internet either :wink: ) x


Hey faps. Sorry to hear things are difficult. Like gnome says I’m around in the old dms. Love you x


Oooft, great pic!!!

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