Monday evening thread (with existential crisis poll)


Do you reckon you’d be MORE or LESS happy if you were a head in a jar like in Futurama?

  • MORE happy if I was a head in a jar like in Futurama
  • LESS happy if I was a head in a jar like in Futurama

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I’m going with MORE happy if I was a head in a jar like in Futurama, because I resent having to clean and maintain this flesh prison that’s slowly rotting from the inside out until it stops working altogether, when most of my enjoyment comes from the inner life that takes place in my brain. Couple of arm attachments so I can still play musical instruments, scalp massages instead of sex, all basically fine.


Yeah but you can’t go where you want when you want.

Like you go to a party with someone who’s not just a head in a jar. Youre at that party til they want to leave.

Less happy as I’d have to chat with Richard Nixon and George Foreman and the rest of the jars.


Anyway, got a delayed birthday present. It’s well nice

No real plans. Having leftover pizzer and beer tonight and then getting my hair chopped tomorrow



Thats an excellent tee

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The accidental perfect loop on this is mesmerising.


Good T-shirt. Puffins are in right now.

Well yeah, otherwise they’d be called puffouts.


Evening epimer, you’ll be pleased to know I just did my expenses for the first time at my new company. They use concur which is a big improvement in a crappy spreadsheet.

Need to get something for dinner before I’ve fallen out of the habit of doing a weekly shop then film club although I’m not that fussed about the film.

Might rewatch Futurama, has been a while.

Shite day at work, was going so well but I DO NOT UNDERSTAND VEHICLE TAX AND ALL THAT WE DO WITH IT and it has broken by brain a bit. New day tomorrow I suppose.

Accidentally ate two boxes of Poppets. Toffee. Wish they were the old fruit creme ones really.


They were so good

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@laelfy @Epimer either of you made the Ben’s cookies with diff flavours than the dark choc ginger one that came in the recipe suggestion? I want to branch out a little and need ideas

Can’t still get orange ones in pound shops but boy what I’d do for the full range

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I used dairy milk white and milk buttons on mine. But I think dark and ginger would have been much better.

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Do dark chocolate and marmalade for a choc orange one.

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Wouldn’t have tits. not happy.


HNNNNNGGGGHH, I just checked what film club is and honestly that’s one of my all time favourite films. It is the perfect film for when you’re feeling hormonal and just want a good weep, oh I love it. Could be because I saw it when it came out at the cinema and it reminds me of hanging out with my lovely Mum. Anyway, I hope you enjoy! :heart:


Wait until you have to do a hotel booking in a different country where you made the booking in GBP but the local taxes are calculated in Euros. I’ll be waiting.