Monday EVENING thread


just ate far far too much pasta and need to have a lie down now.

had to do life admin things at work so have about four pages to write for tomorrow morning and then I have to go in early to catch up on something else.

worked at this place for 7 weeks and haven’t been paid anything yet.

pure burning out here


went for a walk while the tv watched game of dragontits. should be thinking about dinner but i’m not really hungry, hot weather makes me feel weird. watching westworld but it’s dreadful. got nowt else to do tonight so just drinking beer. ascii shrug.


Have a house meeting tonight. Expecting riveting chat about rent, the lease and toasters. (Joking here because I love talking about anything with my housemates.)

Going to take an early night then. Dublin/Glasgow have tired me out.




Waiting for my dinner to be done so I can watch THAT SHOW and not be afraid of the internet anymore


spoilers: the snowdragon man killed the princess lady


Still driving :sleeping:


can’t believe it’s not even 8


Kids to bed ASAP then dragontits

Maybe some wine


jon snow got on the magical boat and now has loads of money



Just had another nap. Pie barm for tea then… another nap…?


what movie ya gonna go with?


Turns out internal affairs set them up all along.


I slept through half of that ferrel one. Gonna bob Tokyo sonata on after tea :+1:


Keep em coming!


dragonlady has decided to go on holiday for a bit
the knight bloke got his elbows chopped off but somehow still has hands?!
the machiavellian guy literally stabbed someone in the back
undead ghost warrior bloke got blown away by a strong wind


how do DiSers feel about Žižek?

  • genius
  • twat
  • somewhere in between
  • dkwhi,p

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Dkwhi, p but probably a twat. If the twat option is given then 9.999/10 that’s the answer.


my bro and nieces came over so I played silly uncle with them and helped them run a shop :slight_smile:

everything in the shop was free so that bodes well for the future!


My brain read this as tzatziki