Monday Evening Thread

You know how you can now see who else is replying to a thread? Well I wish there was a function to see who else is starting a daily / evening thread.

I went to a cancer research conference today where all the speakers were not only top doctors but also running world renowned research labs. Needless to say I spent most of the day feeling like a thicko.

Currently a bit overwhelmed with how much possessions (I.e. crap) that I have in my house, ideally I want to move out with only a handful of boxes but I can’t see a way to cut down on it all.

So tell me:

  • what are you up to tonight?
  • what are you having for dinner?
  • are you a hoarder or a minimalist?

No one? Ok well I’m having a spinach and ricotta pizza and salad for tea.

Hello! I’ve kinda had the day off, but I went to mum’s pub to have a cheeky pint after a ride and ended up covering for someone who’s on about their 17383th holiday of the year. Just waiting on a cheeseburger from the kitchen. Darts team about to turn up, and they’re all proper twats. Get to see my absolutely gorgeous TV tonight for the first real time in three weeks, despite real brief hellos at races. I just wanna order a pizza and fall asleep playing with his hair omg.

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Cooking up a veggie curry and waiting for the TV to get in from work. Fixed a couple of leaky taps today and tidied up the kitchen. not really done too much else, but the weather has been proper iffy.

Been listening to this a lot today, feels quite apt for the passing of summer

Hey, just got in. Got an absolutely filthy pizza in the oven.

I’m a bit of a hoarder for some things (music, books, bikes) but don’t keep my toenail clippings in a jar or anything

What’s on your pizza?

Oh, and I’m a bit of a hoarder, but nothing too major.

No idea how that’s a reply to you @anon67149139.

Hey laelfy

I had a veggie curry for dinner. Tonight I’m doing more painting. You can’t see so well from this picture but these trousers are a bit MickeyLoosefit

And I’d say that I’m gradually becoming more minimalist. Though I have a box of old photos / letters / general paraphernalia from my uni days that I’m loathe to part with. It’s in the loft.

It’s a sainsburys deep pan pulled pork nacho melt down


Think you need to switch that curry for pizza in order to fit in with Monday Pizza Night.

Having pizzer tomorrow, and I’m in good company with @colon_closed_bracket

Ooft, that does sound dirty.

On a train, might go for a run later
Leftover Bolognese
Happy medium

I’ve drunk all the wine :wine_glass:
Balmy evening here in Greece. Gonna #quiz at the bar shortly with some folks we met at wine tasting.

Landlord is getting pissy with me because I’ve asked to see a copy of the inventory before I move out :joy:

You’d have to be a real piece of work to be a landlord, wouldn’t you.

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tonight i will be hugging a hot water bottle (who thought periods were a good idea?)
i’m having egg and chips for dinner

i also have far too much stuff. i’m quite good at throwing stuff out when i get going but i have acquired a lot of stuff over the years
i had a good clothes clear out the other week and now my cupboards look a lot better. books next i think. my main problem though is craft stuff (mainly wool and fabric). i buy stuff and then it sits there for ages before i do anything with it

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You have my sympathies - I swear mine are getting worse with age.

Problem with all my stuff is that I haven’t moved for 8 years, plus I have a lot of space. Hard to think I ever fitted all my belongings in a small room in a shared house.

Dinner - couple of packets of those crinkle mini cheddars and some Reece’s cookies and whisky
Bit of a hoarder of antique stuff. Minimalist with other stuff. Still need to clear out loads before moving house.

I thought you’d already moved? Or are you Jonny two houses?

Are you like, locked inside this house on your own perpetually painting and decorating and spying on the neighbours shed? This seems to be your life now.