Monday Evening Thread

evening team,
not a whole lot tonight as i’m pretty tired so maybe continue watching Ozark.
I’m cooking up some harissa salmon and roast veg :slight_smile:
I’m pretty minimalist, to the point where my family and few friends think it’s odd how little stuff I have in my flat, my pal tried to talk to me recently as he thought it was evidence of some deep lying psychological issue…eh no, I just fucking hate clutter.

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evening all

I had a hospital appointment today because my little finger has been hurting a bit for a few months, said I’ve probably tweaked a ligament and it’ll take nine months to heal :sweat: on the plus side, the doctor was impressed by how bendy my fingers and knees are.

evening plans: dunno, probably watch some Amazon Prime stuff, just started Mr Robot cos I’m a couple of years off the pace

dinner: hot and spicy breaded chicken & chips (low expectations but minimal effort required)

hoarder or not: a bit, I do have a lot of tat and should clear some out but that’s effort so nahhhhh

Basically a massive Tory. Flat near the sea and house near the park. Should move in a month…probably.

Nothing much - I’m quite tired.
Beanzy toast followed by a banana and ice cream, like a mature grown man
I think I’m a collector rather than a hoarder. I don’t have many kinds of things but moving my books, DVDs and music is backbreaking.

'lo laelfy :wave: hiya the rest of you :wink:

Sooooo we may have started watching GoT again. I was quite glad to be one of the few who didn’t watch it but I knew it would happen one day considering what a huge fan of the books the bf is. I’m not loving it but its quite nice to have a box set to work our way through whilst shovelling food down our gullets. I only like Tyrion, everyone else can sssshhh.

We’re having a Thai banquet. I’ve nearly eaten all the prawn crackers already. Then we’re having fancy marshmallows for pudding :yum: and more wank beer.

Hm… am I a hoarder? What do you think??Absolutely yes without a doubt. But I’m trying to be an organised hoarder! I’m a master of finding things in a mass of stuff :female_detective:

It’s all I know, it’s all I remember!
Guys, I only spy on the shed when smoking in the garden, and when in the kitchen…and through the food hatch…and when upstairs in the bedrooms

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Was tempted to exempt you and lo-pan when I wrote the OP to be fair.

@Lo-Pan fancy decluttering my flat for me? You can also declutter the alcohol rack for me as payment.


‘wank beer’

I think I’ll pass thanks…


Evening! Had a long day even though i didnt have to do very much. Knackered. Home for grub and then an early night i reckon. Think we’re having gnocchi for tea.

I had a very minimalist home life til the tv moved in and now i cant understand how we have accumulated so much crap. I find it a bit worrying tbh.

Ethan is here. I’m half-cut. Life is amazing. :heart_eyes:

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TV’s working away so watching crap on TV and tucking into a load of Papa John’s.

The guy rang my phone and not the intercom but what can you do.

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would be happy to, in fact two birds with one stone etc, we can get @Witches round and she can keep all the things i’m going to throw out for you :slight_smile:


I think my sister might have passed on to me whatever virus she was in bed with all of last week. Don’t feel like I have a fever or anything yet but slept through the day and just feel a little bit funny. Typical big sisters to pass all their shit on to the middle child (me), eh.

Hosted a really good event on Saturday with my feminist film club though, don’t remember if I already mentioned it.

Half an hour left until the first election results so gonna find something to eat in the meantime.

Think imma watch The Lego Batman Movie.

Sorry @Witches, my plant pots aren’t quite up to your standards


I had to give a talk once at the Royal Marsden in Sutton. It was just an informal chat/Q&A thing during their lunch break. I was volunteered by my boss. Anyway, the room was fucking packed with very, very serious looking people who turned out to be you know, some of the top oncologists on the planet or whatever. I also noticed a camera at the back of the room as they were also beaming me live to the Chelsea hospital whilst they were on their lunch break! Well, fucking hell. Cheers then.
Anyway, it was fine. I was amazing.

Great story!

I’m just listening to a bit of music
Not sure, probably leftover curry as I can’t feel arse-holed to cook
Wannabe minimalist; actual hoarder (well there are specific areas of my flat which are just absolutely rammed with junk, the rest is pretty minimalist. Really need to get to the tip)

What was your talk about?

This basically used to be my job - speak for an hour, sometimes 2 if I did them back to back to a room full or doctors, pharmacists, lab people, whatever. Top consultants would have a habit of dozing off then waking up at the end and asking really pertinent, difficult questions. Pretty sure they only came because the sales reps would bring lunch along.

Starting a CELTA course in a month so been prepping for that mostly. Got to apply for my third DBS check in a year :roll_eyes: Had linguine with anchovies n chilli pesto for my tea. I’m proper skint until payday now so my evenings are just spent on the sofa watching Bojack. Could be worse i suppose.

Alright leafs et al.

  • continuing this classic horror binge we’re gonna watch The Innocents later.
  • gonna make a veggie lasagne with those butternut sheets and some goat’s cheese.
  • i’m a minimalist but my other half really is not. I have to live with a dressmakers mannequin in our living room and I’m not even allowed to hang any jackets or coats on it :sweat: