Monday. evening. thread

How’s everyone doing?? What you got going on this evening? Come sit and tell your resident Witch EVERYTHING.

Hello :wave:

Gonna have a nap :sleeping:

I just found a fiver on the floor. I say found, I was walking past a pub and it was on the ground. Only the beer garden out front was full and I wasn’t about to just go around asking everyone because they’d just say it was theirs.*
Bought Sierra Nevada with it so a 6/10 Monday eve so far for me.

*extremely convenient post rationalising.


Evening witches. I’m going to make a veggie pizza using these as the base, hopefully it will work?! Got tomorrow off, woohoo!


Alright witcho. Playing some NBA Live 18 and listening to Clark’s self-titled record.

Waiting for the missus to get back from zumba so I can make a start on dinner (pasta with goat’s cheese, pancetta, onion, roast garlic and pine nuts). Still need to make a dent in clotted cream pot 2 so have bought cherry and raisin scones for dessert.

Need to finalise my PowerPoint presentation and lesson plan for my microteaching session tomorrow. It will not surprise you to hear that my session is loosely based on bicycle maintenance.

Hullo. Wife text me to say she’s bought beers and has put the burritos on already so i’m pretty jazzed about that. Feeling a bit bleak about my current job, all the people are weird corporate bros. All dosh though innit, shouldnt complain. Got thursday off to play black metal with my mate so just looking forward to that mainly. Gonna really try and aim for a 4 day week where possible, makes work life a lot more bearable.


Aye I reckon that’ll definitely work! Kinda want pizza now.

Like your lea(l)fy(lol) dress/skirt!!

Was just thinking ale might go well INSIDE a burrito, in the chilli somehow. Well google certainly seems to agree somewhat.

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Thanks, it’s one of my many seasalt dresses. Will post a pic of my masterpiece later.


Quite jealous of women’s clothing tbh, you guys have all the good stuff. Might just start wearing dresses (again)

Nothing to see here, I’m just cleaning our toilet.


Have a habit of getting into my wife’s dresses when I’m really pished. She absolutely hates it, clearly she’s not ready for this jelly.


Stuck in Schipol for the next two hours at least. Just had a muffin, so it’s all downhill from here.

Tell me about when you used to wear dresses.


Goth/glam phase :disappointed:

Found a £50 note on the pavement last year but didn’t dare spend it for ages in case it was a forgery and I’d get hauled off.


Do you have a favourite dress? Also, what do you do once you’ve got into the dress?

I have hunted down every last one and destroyed them all!

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You what? :smile: