Monday. evening. thread

ill and sad
burnt some chips cos i forgot to change my microwave to the oven setting


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NBA live?!? What’s wrong with 2k, m9…

More of the same at CCB towers. I’m starting to find it quite therapeutic.

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There’s a lad of maybe 18-19 who works in the petrol station near my dad’s house who’s a clear black metal fan. He’s got really long dyed black hair, and wears black robes and heavy boots under his regulation uniform shirt. I admire his dedication to his art, but feel he spoils it by being way too cheery.


Well, I mean… who knows?

It’s only the demo mind. 2k looks well safe, looks like GTA Basketball.

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I’m moving house in the morning. I’m feeling knackered because I basically came back from three weeks back to back travelling round Germany for work and then went into househunting mode and found a place within a week.

My body has reacted by producing a painful lymph node under my right arm. I was confused as it’s the sort of thing you usually get on your neck when run down, but apparently you’ve got them under your arms too.

My friend just put out a black metal album and this is the cover


The comments on it are all enraged BM fans :joy:


Sacred Paws?


Fuxxake man. We were gonna have pizza tonight, the pizza shop’s website is down and nobody is answering the phone.




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No favourites no but she’s got a pretty sweet brown suede boater so I’ll normally pair it with that. Only really done it a couple of times, woke up in one once cos she couldn’t be arsed to undress me. That was a strange morning.


My next guess was going to be sacred cow. So very close.


That would be an incredibly funny development

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STill pAiNTIng and listening to Ryan adams and got Sony Movies channel on cos it’s da best

Woke up watched Captain Fantastic had a bath drinking a beer. Evening.

Here is a gift for you @Witches

A big wriggly snail underneath for those who don't like them



I love how grumpy and wise he is

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