Monday evening thread


Just started my 2.5 hr commute home :dizzy_face: my train ticket didnt work at the station so i had to use a weird webcam thing to call someone for assistance. What a world we live in.

Food? Tv? Aob?


Just having some left over veggie curry before driving to work for another Nightshift zzzzzzzz



Just gonna watch TV all night.
The duece, football, catch up in master cook.

Nit sure about Star Trek discovery

  • Gonna watch it
  • Not gonna watch it
  • Might eventually
  • SimpsonsNerd.gif

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Is it gonna be like the recent films?


I dunno :confused: I’ve not read any reviews yet


Hiya eric, did you manage to get everything…

? :smiley:


Making chili, off to see Sigur Ros in a bit Woooo.


Guys my work have literally booked a table at a restaurant that can seen into my bedroom so I can’t make the excuse it’s too far. Do I:

  • Go out with them you miserable wretch
  • Yeah sack em off bunch of cabbages
  • Comedy answer involving wetting my bed/being a noodle armed Quentin

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They paying?


Are the work paying for it all, if so get in amongst all that booze :+1:


Going to hobbycraft can’t wait


Yes :expressionless: eventually :expressionless:


Gonna have some dinner, then got some work to do before I find something to watch.
Very pleasant evening in ole Glasgow


Having some shite plait things and veg for tea. Proper misery dinner.


My Dad turned 60 last week and just texted to say he got his free tfl travel card. He’s chuffed to bits and its fucking heartwarming.



Interesting fact alert, Joey Fatone broke his leg and therefore could not dance in this video, so in the group dance shots if you look closely you can see it’s actually Wade Robson instead of Joey. INTERESTING.


Caught up on sleep from the weekend, and working from home in my pyjamas. Got a big deadline by the end of today for which I am now more than halfway through so that’s good, just need like 3 more hours altogether probably and tomorrow I can send them a big fat invoice :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

I think I’ve got a pretty decent week ahead of me, and then I’m catsitting over the weekend!


How many pizzas you eat today?


I’ll take your word for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


None so far, can you believe it!