Monday Evening Thread

Looks like it’s been a busy day on DiS - I was too busy having a work meltdown to notice,

Out tonight for music pub quiz - first time in a year we’ve had the full team available so going for the win.

Got to be up at 5am tomorrow to go to Belfast :worried:

What are you lot up to? Dinner?

I’m a bit nervous about going to my first Japanese class, need to be a better adult, I think.

Absolutely shattered so gonna brew a quick coffee.

I’ve unfortunately got a promotion at work that I don’t want. More shit to deal with but for little extra money. Today will be an 8am to 8pm at work.

On a positive note I’ll grab a pizza and a beer at Voodoo Ray’s in Dalston and then go to the Annie Hart (Au Revoir Simone) gig after work.

Evenin’. Up to bugger all most likely. Gonna eat some boring food and then watch the new curb at 10.

Are you learning Japanese because you’d like to visit or live there? Or just fancy it? I wouldn’t worry, no one else will have a clue either.

Just got on the train home. Won’t be thru the door until half 8. That’s over an hour extra on my usual commute. Why oh why did I decide to work my notice…

Gonna eat something maybe watch curb and maybe stay up till 3 to watch basketball. Reckon i can basically function on 4 hrs sleep.

any deets?

I am going to Tokyo for a bit in December and would like to be able to get by a bit.

Yeah not the Japenese more the meeting new people and stuff, that I’m being weird about.

that sounds quite nice

I got home, got the oven warning up which is ready to put the Lasagne in, but the cats now fast asleep on my lap.

Evening laelfs and etc

Having a chorizo mushroom pasta thing for dinner

Yous all heard this, pretty delighted

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How did this not exist already?


Taken them fucking long enough

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Havin a wee solo beer at some beach side cocktail bar as I wait for my ATDs to join me

Fish finger wrap for dinner.

Got a wardrobe to fill with clothes and a storage heater to spray paint. Booooooooring.

Successful move m9s! All of our 1 bed flat possessions are now sat in our new dining room, jfc. Just on the train to Richmond to become a full time South Londoner :sleepy:

Got a can of Salty Kiss in my bag and a curry waiting for me. Hopefully I can operate my arms to drink and eat respectively.


i’m doing a bit of sewing. i don’t know why i decided this skirt should have a polyester lining. it’s slippery to sew and it frays so much and now everything is covered in wispy fluff. never again*

*apart from the dress i started about 2 years ago and gave up on (partly because of the bloody lining) but intend to finish one day

Was nice kniwing you, pal!

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Have you tried sewing it with a layer of tissue paper between the sewing machine foot and the fabric? It makes it more grippy, and you can rip it off afterwards.

no, i considered it but it’s not quite slippery enough that i feel introducing an extra layer is going to help rather than complicate matters