Monday evening thread

Not sure if any of you have been outside today but let me be the first to tell you it’s quite cold.

Alright? What’re you doing with your evening? What’s for dinner? I’m gonna make some kind of bastardised dauphinois potatoes with spuds, butternut squash and sun dried tomatoes.

Double potatoes?

Bold move, but I like it.

Just drinking a beer in the garden. Got a misery microwave thing for tea.

It’s cold. Just got home and whacked heating up to 21…sure MrS will moan when he gets back but work is freeeeeezing and I need to thaw out.

Had a little meet with my head who moreorless said stop your class from being so noisy. @gonad @keith any tips would be very appreciated. I am a bit too calm apparently so they take that as me being laid-back…which I am…which then they push. Any one help with with being meaner?

Nice crescent of crisps on the side. Can’t believe you’re in the garden having a beer, you’re not in Spanish Spain yet!

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It is a bit cold, isn’t it. First day I’ve regretted cycling in just a tshirt. Had leftover Chinese tonight, and let me tell you, Chinese does not perform the next way in the same way that curry does.

At a bit of a lose end tonight, not sure what to do.

*haunched over a cigarette in my winter coat drinking a beer.


I’ve made a turkey, chilli carbonara thing. Am I gonna have the farts tomorrow? If so, I might ride to work and supply my own tail wind.

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I’m feeling a bit tetchy because the carpet fitter who was due today didn’t turn up (second time they’ve messed us around). And as a result, our house is still a chaos of boxes and clothes bags.


  1. They’ve given us 10% off the order as compensation;
  2. I had a chicken named after me today so it’s going to be difficult to fully dampen my mood :slight_smile:

Fucking hell, number 2 took me by surprise :grinning:

EDIT: [insert poo joke here]

forgot to buy food for dinner. not sure what I want though. someone tell me what to eat please

Carmen, Colon and Ruffers all took themselves off to bed in their temporary new coop. They look happy and kinda snuggly together. More photos tomorrow if we let them fully out round the plot


Spaghetti hoops on toast


for context! (See upthread from here)

I don’t think I’ve had spaghetti hoops since I was in primary school.

I missed this! Aww that’s very sweet. Keep your eye on Ruffers the chicken, he’s gonna raise hell.


No better time than tonight then!

Bloody Mary Pasta on the go…


Already got it down my jeans twice and not plated up yet.


I didn’t have an overly productive day. Not as productive as I’d hoped, anyway.

I’m going to watch Sweden qualify for the World Cup tonight! Oh yeah! Boring pasta for dinner, I don’t want to spend any more money this week.

My foot hurts. I’m not quite sure what I’ve done to it.

Was just about to post exactly this



:spaghetti: :spaghetti: :spaghetti: