Monday evening thread

It is not “a bit early”, I’m on continental time you Brexit fucks!

What you up to? I’m in a hotel with a MASSIVE portrait of Churchill in the lobby and a room toilet that has glass walls that don’t even reach the ceiling. Romantic.

The restaurant menu looks rubbish and I’m genuinely considering the Subway (@laelfy) I saw on the way here instead.

Will I use the hotel gym today or tomorrow morning?

  • Yes, the exercise will be great for my anxiety
  • lol

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I’m really hungry and fuck I think I might have pizza

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Saw a Dominos near the Subway too.

This really is a hidden gem of The Netherlands.


was gonna go to the gym but I absolutely cannot be fucked after last nights staying up to watch the super bowl.
gonna make some nice food and watch some fargo I think. maybe try a run in the morn.

is everyone in the Netherlands?! i’m gonna be there on thursday.

Sounds shit

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As much as Subway is ‘ok’ you can probably do better eps.

I’m home from my marathon week away and not going to go anywhere near a car for at least a week.

Gonna get a :pizza: or at least something with :cheese: on it and then pub quiz tonight. Gonna break it to my teammates that after 8 years of quizzing they’re going to need to find someone else who’s listened to music made in the 21st century.

You say that, but this is the menu of the highest rated nearby place that’s actually open:


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:tiger: :tiger: :tiger:


@aboynamedgoo, your countrymen have done it again.

And you’re calling US the Brexit fucks.

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It’s a seriously huge portrait. The size you’re currently thinking of? Triple it.

Easy peel tigers. Fucking brill7ant, the 21st century



I was thinking of that Gail Porter thing projected onto the Palace of Westminster. That’s one big hotel lobby.

Work told the agency I got hired through that they don’t want me to work there anymore and it’s making my anxiety go off again.

Just ordered a beer.


You’re really not far off.

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Take a flippin picture man

Watching Hollyoaks. It’s amazing…