Monday evening thread


why’s there no evening thread yet?

scrambled egg on toast for dinner and a blueberry muffin that i didn’t manage to eat at work (had a cookie instead).

cycled 20km today, yessss. tired though. might have a bath.



About to make myself some pasta.


Oi, oi.
Work today for the first time in a week. Was going to be shit, but then one of my major problem staff handed their notice in. Fucking yes!!!

Been to Sainsbury’s for the big shop, now cooking up bangers mash leeks and broccoli. Wasn’t going to crack a beer but I might do in celebration. Will no doubt be in bed by 8.30 as I’m shattered.


yessss!!! what a result!!!

your dinner sounds ace. at some point i will get back into cooking stuff instead of eating breakfast for dinner.

enjoy your beer and your early night!


Honestly she’s made me so miserable for the last 3 months. 2 down, 1 to go!


I like to think that they’ve quit because you’ve been all Mr Tough with them.


Class from 9-10 :skull:


I had scrambled eggs on toast for lunch. :+1:


Just got in from work to find a note from the police asking me to call them about something suspicious I saw last May. My phone number has changed since then, I’m intrigued, but no answer.


Me too, go pasta team :+1:


That is the reason. She told me I was a poor manager when she handed it in, so I take that as code for “I’m lot allowed to get away with what I used to and you’re not a pushover, so I’m leaving”


Had a training day. Knackered right out from sitting, being attentive and listening to a I’m great bloke all day.

Dropping R at scouts then home for jacket potato and some Marcella on ITV at 9.


Absolutely shattered after that day on the switchboard. Going to have a few suggestions for my manager tomorrow.

Have a date later. Alternating between calm, nervous and excited. Might have a long shower and a beer in there.





we are so culinarily aligned


Eating a sticky ginger pudding - my ginger obsession is getting out of control


good luck on your date!!!


just sent an email i’ve been putting off for MONTHS :muscle:


My fiancée is smashing the Rachel’s Ginger Yoghurt atm


I had pasta too

Any good thread today? I actually did work.