Monday Evening Thread


Feel down. Thinking about moving to Canada but not sure about how to get a visa. Any advice?

Pasta and pesto for tea, feel a bit gross now. Could take a bath I guess. Miss the tv like crazy.

Hbu huns?


I always think about moving to Canada. Really like it there


in Manchester for a conference and had to pick up some Flipchart paper for a needy speaker and was going around the Arndale Centre asking people where I could find “Ryland”


Been totally beaten by excel today


Are his eyes photoshopped or are they really that tiny?


idk who that is


Alright gp, I’m eating dinner alone in a Vietnamese place in Paris. After that I’m not sure what to do, my room has a massive bath so I may well give it a go to confirm yesterday’s bad bath judgement.


Awful, awful day. Just got R to sleep early, so now need to decide if I stay sulking in my room until bedtime or go and face my family for more awkwardness and potential arguments. Decisions, decisions…


baths are great, especially big ones. and especially when you’re not paying for all that hot water. have fun in paris!


Alright geep. Somehow got into a mild beeve on the bus, feel like a beeve magnet atm. Gonna eat some dinner and watch netflix before bed. Should go for a run but almost zero chance of that happening.


I did some music this afternoon.

Well done me!


tell me more about this beeve please


Interested in 2 houses, one want to finish a sale tomorrow, the other one we like more but isn’t going to final offers until Wednesday. Not sure what to do, will probably fuck it up and not get either of them while trying to be Joey smooth


Cooked a banging beef curry. Now doing some work :frowning:


Go for the one you really want, if you don’t get it other good ones will come along.


Not even sure I could explain it really. Helped a woman with a walker onto the bus but it was huge and there wasnt really any room for it and the bus was packed. The driver got mad about it blocking the walkway and then the woman kicked off about it. Some total random bloke butted in in a really needlessly aggressive way.



sitting next to some people in a bar who are talking really loudly about how weird people who have threesomes are and how they wouldn’t want to have ginger hair


im literally painting my nails :smiley:



Can you start clearing your throat really loudly?


The less good one is in a nicer area though. Might just chuck in a daft lowball offer for it and then if we get it its a bargain, and if not then no skin off my bum