Monday Evening Thread


I feel so down, cheer me up please?


Salad for tea if I can be bothered. Then bed.



hi mate, i’m feeling down too, sorry!



I’m down as well mate, so can’t cheer you up I’m afraid.

Shite day at work. Now at my in-laws to pick the TV up after she spent the weekend at her parents. Gonna have to drive back and pretty much go straight to bed.



Nice try


Gonna run out of dog pics soon :confused:


get something else


evenin’ all

i’m watching the walking dead. not really sure why.


We will do the same and say the same laters.

Had a top.notch paneer and spinach curry, put some chutney in it as a result of that thread, was a bit sweet then tbh. Had to whack a load of salt in to balance.
Would not do again.

MasterChef on at 9 klaxon. @rich-t @ericV @laelfy


Gonna miss it


my diet has been so poor over the last few days that a salad should cheer me up a bit

i think it did

now i’m drinking some sports drink for some unknown reason, can’t remember the last time i actually did any sport


Urgh. Still got it on catch up to look forward to tomorrow I guess…


Yeah possibly


maybe you’ll go out and do some as soon as the drink kicks in?


i’m not sure that’s how it works


at work :expressionless:



Maybe we should schedule in a catch up time tomorrow afternoon for exciting chats


I feel shattered.

Tomorrow I’ve got a doctors appointment that I made a month ago. I’ve had a lingering cough which I’ve had for months, plus tiring easily and feeling short of breath. I’ve always felt self conscious about wasting doctors time, but my mum finally pestered me to go as she always notices my cough.

As its tomorrow I’m worrying a little, where I’ve ignored it previously.