Monday Evening Thread


left work on time (early) and have been super productive: cleaned the kitchen, folded clean laundry, did grubby laundry, hung up clean laundry, did some recycling, took the bottles back to the store (EUR 4.30!!!), made dinner, um i think that’s it. but yeah, more than i usually do in an entire weekend. think going away for the weekend has mad me a better person.

anyway enough about me, how are you guys doing this evening?


also started the evening thread (and forgot to say what i had for dinner: spicy tomato pasta and red pesto (besto pesto))


evening gp. feeling tired so might be an early night for me.

got some pork marinating that I’m gonna have in a bit with some asparagus maybe.


Evening GP et al.

Popped into Tesco on the way home, was very close to having pigs in blankets for dinner. Instead I got some burgers.

My calves are killing me from dancing on Saturday night.


Looking after this poorly one until the TV gets back to hers. Her eye is infected and she was at the vet today to get looked at.

Will probably just have dinner with the TV and watch GoT. Happy to have a night of doing nothing bar that.


Meeting a pal, don’t really want to as it’s a Monday night


@japes no carbs?

@dillingerswheelman i love that, it’s like you did exercise but secretly

@Kallgeese what a cutie! enjoy your evening of calm

@ttf yeah monday nights should never be social


Evening. Killing time until toddler bedtime. He’s got his favourite program on, so all is well.

Pie and chips for dinner later. Can’t wait (but will have to).


having a bag of carrots with the lads (all just out of frame)


morning world


Had a brilliant burger at hanks now I’m just mooching

I live to mooch and mooch to live


nope. on a post-usa diet :sob:


Terrible day at work. 11.30hrs.

But got some washing dried on the line, cooking up spring veg pasta thing and drinking a cuppa so not too bad really


hi ghostpony!

You’re always so positive in these threads, it’s great :slight_smile:


could go a cup of tea right now actually, cheers


Just making another round. What do you want?


thanks bammers! i’m feeling pretty positive today. i had a fantastic weekend and my boss is away all week and i’ve already done half the project i thought would take me all week to do. and the sun is shining and it’s going to be 25 degrees on wednesday and i might go back to the beach at the weekend :slight_smile:


Table for one at pizza express

Sent me well under


I might do some push-ups this evening. Need some good music for it though


sunshine makes a big difference. It’s nice here today and I feel like actually I want to carry on living :slight_smile: