Monday Evening Thread


that’s great! please do, we all love you.

also i have an appointment with a new doctor on friday and i’ll get blood test results and i am hopeful that i can stop taking my meds. fingers crossed. hoping for things can also help to make you feel positive.


Had the day off so went for a walk over Kinder Scout. I’m not as sprightly as I used to be so just had a rather soothing bath. Note to self: take more baths instead of showers.


Tv’s bday so weve got vietnamese coming, might watch a film in a bit. Feel rough af tho tbh. @Epimer!!!


wow that view is amazing! hope you enjoyed it!


did you manage to get her a present that you didn’t think was crap?

i’m sure whatever you got her she will love it, if not just stick a bow on yourself and she’ll HAVE to


moreorless set up for back to work/school tomorrow.

going to drink some tea and watch Walking Dead later I expect.

I got a load of bed sheets done and dried on the line - feels so good! literally going to wash everything this week while the weather is fine.

Dinner: quorn chicken burger, chips, peas


camomille cheers



(All this work travel is making me desperately miss my bf and I really wish he was here)


I got her a game she wanted plus some gin and a few extra bits, plus a takeaway. Not too bad eh.


without knowing your tv whatsoever i can state with 100% certainty that if i were her, i’d be dead chuffed with that.



going to eat some halloumi, some of those peppers that look like big chilis, maybe some eggs and hash browns as well depending

I don’t have anything to do


yeah definitely, hope is truly the greatest of all things, you can persevere through anything with enough hope. I’m still hopeful about my music and some days I let myself dream of love and other things too. I don’t know why I often feel I have a sort of moral responsibility to be miserable.


you’re eating a lot of nice things lately meowington, or do you always eat nice things?


Unlimited thali time


I just eat A LOT and my whole life revolves around food :joy:

But I’d say I do eat a lot of nice stuff!


to be fair, food is a pretty great thing to base your life around


Just got back from hot yoga and am currently sweating on the sofa (leather). Feels real good.

Dinner: going to steam some dumplings.

Trying to decide a film to watch on Netflix, any ideas/recommendations?


Should’ve took them to yoga

Gods own country is on Netflix now and is ace


Pasta was banging. Had 2 massive plates of it. Getting annoyed at Michael Gove on the one show now.


I started The Sinner last night. I like it so far!