Monday Evening Thread


Curious George?


Pretty decent hot drink selection you got there.


Cheers. Love me a tea.


I disagree

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Nah, too northern/moody.


hi ghostpony and etc


bit windy

look. look how windy it is


I know I am but my film reccos are spot on


Ah a @ghostpony curated evening thread, all is right with the world :blush: bar impending war.

Just finished a session on the turbo and gonna eat some chicken and chips with coleslaw :yum:


Evening guys. Feeling absolutely knackered, broken, and coming down with something. Been solo parenting since last Wednesday while my wife was away. She was meant to come back this morning but there’s been terrible weather where she is and is now due back tomorrow. I’m exhausted. Things have gone pretty well, baby has been good (typical toddler behaviour aside) but it’s so draining. I just want some time off and I won’t get any :cold_sweat:


Just did something really grotty. Always fancied giving this a go, but never quite been brave enough…

Wanted pizza for dinner and the usual pizza place isn’t open on a Monday. Ordered instead from the newish pizza/kebab joint attached to the curry house we use a bit…
I had a pizza with chicken tikka and doner meat on it. Absolute filth, but I loved every minute. And I’d do it again.

Gonna have a beer while I wallow in the guilt.


ok ok

doing a crossword, one of the ones my mother-in-law cuts out of the newspaper for me, wanna help?

also listening to neko case <3


Oh that’s nice just urinate up the side of the Louvre


The Loouvre.


Got enough teas, mate?


On a Monday an all. You dog.


My 14 year old nephew is still highly excited I’m taking him to a festival. He messages me every day with his latest reviews/comments on bands. Pretty proud that he wants to avoid a band due to them being alledged sex offenders. I reckon he’ll be in DiS in a few years.


Would you appreciate some hopes and prayers?

Wor Lass is away on a hen weekend in a couple of weeks and I will be in need of some support I think.


‘I also want to see taking back Sunday’

Yeah sorry mate, forgot, I’ve got a thing then so no festival, sorry!!!


All hopes and prayers gratefully received, thanks.

Also, advice of what to do with what is hopefully my last night alone. Any good comedy films on Netflix?