Monday Evening Thread


No. That spearmint and camomile is almost done. Need some more. And apparently raspberry leaf tea is good for labour, so the TV wants some of that. More tea.


I’ve also updated my Facebook profile picture so you know I mean it.


You’ve hands down won the top Uncleing awards.


Evening ghostpony et al

Quorn escalope (@ericV) with pasta of all things for tea (+vegetables).

Took R on the bus again this morning and then had fun letting him push one of those wheelie baskets like it was a trolley in the shop, went to the big library (actually has less children’s books than our small library, but it does have a cool sensory wall), then to M&S. After we got off the bus on the way home there was nobody around so we walked like crabs. R is very into going out at the moment so we also went mountaineering in the afternoon (walked up and down some small inclines). He keeps having tantrums whenever we get back home though, obviously not so fun.

No idea what to do this evening.


I’m back at work on Wednesday after 12 off, so technically today is my Saturday.


that sounds like a grand day. you’ve earned the evening off.


Decided on The Mask on amazon prime. I’m very cultured.


I can see some bags in there. Tut tut.


It was a bit tiring, even with the hour and a half nap in the middle (but I also woke up ridiculously early, evens out I guess).




Omg just had pate on toast for the first time in like a year. So good.


Evening GP, all. Job interview was quite good, but they were a bit vague on salary and shift patterns, and on the way there I got a call giving me an interview for a better job so doubt it’ll lead anywhere. Made a huge mound of tagliatelle and meatballs earlier, and now got these and Hell’s Kitchen for the evening. The cake is particularly fucking bangin’.



Sake Marty…



One of us! One of us!


Fucks wrong with the Tasters?


They’re wotsits or cheese flavoured corn based snacks


No earl grey tea bags though m9


They are, I’m not embarrassed about it, and I for one am glad to have them around.


Then you truly are lost


If that’s lost then just burn my map and smash my compass, cause I don’t want to be found.