Monday Evening Thread


That sounded much sassier in my head.


Making lentil chili. :yum:

Coffee shop didn’t have vegan brownies left earlier which annoyed me. Done enough studying for today.

Might watch a film. Or just piss about online for next couple of hours.


Weather is absolutely peng out here now. Shorts and tops off weather type good


What is the texture of a lentil chilli like?


fao prof

Summer rolls
Salt Chili Tofu
Tom Yum Soup
Grilled Soy Aubergine
Tofu spring rolls w/bun


I was wearing shorts and t-shirt in bogland on Saturday. Way ahead of you




what’s a sensory wall? a wall you can see and feel?

or does it sense you?


Yet another case in favour of Brexit


I can’t imagine lentils creating the same texture as a minced beef or pork.


No they do not Keith.


Watching a video essay about David Fincher’s early work. Didn’t realise that he’d directed so many of those really famous music videos


Thanks for your feedback.


like what? can’t be bothered to look myself


Is horrible bosses 2 on there? If so, horrible bosses 2.


this cut under my fingernail on my right index finger is quite annoying. probably the finger I use most, I’d guess


A bunch for Madonna (including ‘Vogue’), 'Freedom ‘90’ by George Michael, and a few Billy Idol / Sting / Paula Abdul / other '80s-ish people. Also I thought Patti Smith, but it turned out it was actually someone (audaciously, in my opinion) called Patty Smyth


Supposed to be pretty chung over here in a few days :sunglasses:


Ah I saw that not long ago! Would have been a great fit though.


What can I watch on nowtv?

Oh think I’ve got a limmy to watch and the Cunk thing.