Monday Evening Thread


Wait was the limmy thing a one off?


Horizontal rain here. Worst best city in the world.


yeah, think he was trying to get it picked up

(so everyone should watch it)


The cunk thing was alright. Laughed a fair bit, so it did its job.


I think it was. Still haven’t watched it, but I’d thought it was meant to be first in a new series.

Still need to watch all the Cunks as well. Lunchtime viewing sorted, I guess.


Trying to write while ignoring the fact that I kind of suck at it


It was like a series of panels with different stuff for toddlers/babies to touch and play with, lots of mirrors and lights and things, to illustrate here is a bit of it with a blurry R:


Y’know, as ‘chain’ pubs go, I reckon City Pub Co’s ones are generally pretty solid. However, £6.50 for a pint of gamma ray can absolutely fuck all the way off.

Nice pint mind.


Yeah ep 1 as been good so far. King Arthur came a lot :slight_smile:


Oh dear bleak depression is back. Someone fire me into the sun so I can be happy


Which pub mate?


Paid a fiver for a can of Elvis juice in a brewdog bar the other day. Dicks.


Wow I never thought from kozelek’s cover of float on that modest mouse were terrible 00’s chart indie


The Old Bicycle Shop in Cambridge.


Punk as fuck


Ha ha ha, bike wanker


This is now the cycling thread


whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa now


Well that’s the only song I’ve heard and it somehow manages to be both very generic and uniquely bad. Very surprised


I’ll bung a bunch of random links (mainly from their pre-Float On stuff - though I do like their recent stuff, too). I can almost guarantee you’d like 'em.