Monday Evening Thread


Is it the same guy singing in the same way on any of these? Cos I don’t think I can take that


(also thanks for encouraging me to consider chalking in a MM binge at some nearby point)


His voice is definitely an acquired taste; it’s a bit less ‘affected’-sounding on the early stuff (but I’m totally used to it both how it is now / how it was then)


Oh dear I’ll have to pass then, it’ll be like neutral milk hotel all over again for me, sorry!


Going to bed. Night night.


Either way, I’m still grateful you’ve reminded me of how much I love some of that early stuff (incidentally, if you ever find yourself looking for a starting point on them, Building Nothing Out Of Something is one of my all-time favourite B-side collections and a great intro to them)


Night night x


Sometimes I really wonder if I actually like music


oh also, tedious final post but Isaac Brock’s album as Ugly Casanova (essentially Modest Mouse under a different name) occasionally featured a different bloke on lead vocals


Same, but it always sneaks back up on me!


The Vietnamese know how to cook with aubergine, Jesus fuck they do


I am also going to bed. Super excited because I am wearing short pyjamas and because I already had a shower which means I can have an extra 15 min in bed in the morning and maybe I won’t be late (famous last words)

Night y’all


Trying to like Dramamine but the guitar melody is just plodding pentatonics with no rhythmic variation.


Maybe I’m just not hearing music properly today, gonna put my ears in the bin


Summer rolls?!?!

  • Had exactly 3 beers (2 pints and one bottle) after work
  • Went to see Lady Bird with a pal, enjoyed it
  • Despite the thoroughly enjoyable evening I recieved some very annoying information this afternoon which I’m still annoyed about
  • Fingers crossed this doesn’t bring back my stress induced eye eczema :tipping_hand_woman:t3:‍♀️


Watching 22 Short Films about Springfield in bed with a lovely hot chocolate. Shame I have to go to Edinburgh tomorrow.


evenin ruski

bummer about the annoying news. congrats on the beers though.


This is my first holiday with a baby and I’m loving it way more than i thought I would.

Today I introduced her to shopping!


shouldn’t let the baby be in charge of buying stuff man, they don’t know how to budget