Monday Evening Thread


wanted to have an early night with a book but i’ve accidentally watched a bit of mission impossible so i guess i’m doing this now


To be fair she kept on throwing everything out the trolley




Good thing I’m a grown-up so that I definitely know how to do that!!!


I made a new friend at the wedding I was at this weekend. Feels nice.

Off to bed now. NEW SHEETS! Get the hell in.


Spring rolls no?


Oh prof, ya wazzock




Dee Reynolds - Shaping America’s Youth


what do you think a winter roll would be?




There’s actually a couple of winter variants


Given myself a really bad hair cut…

at least people will now focus on my personality and not my nice hair




Those tofu summer rolls with the satay sauce are so good even though I do think there’s something oddly grim about how they look and feel. The translucence and texture of the wrapping always makes me think of animal insides or something. :frowning:


I make these quite a lot and I have no idea why they are so so satisfying when its basically salad in a condom


I mean I don’t think they would be half as good without the sauce to dip them in, I guess.

Also now I am just thinking how much the salad behind the ‘skin’ looks like a veiny hard-on so thanks for that ARRGH!



Item 1 on the post brexit McDonald’s menu?


I hope @ericV can still eat summer rolls after this mauling we’ve given them


Delicious condoms tbf


Can someone start a morning thread?