Monday Evening Thread

Good evening guys, hope you’re great!

I’m in a pretty good mood because I’ve got a piece of work that had been majorly stressing me out for ages out of the way today.

Got a Tesco’s Finest Smoked Aubergine Pizza for tea, which I’m quite psyched about.

What’s making you happy tonight, and what are you eating?


Hello @laelfy. :wave:

I have no idea what’s for dinner. Need to discuss with Ms Z when I get back home. Merely minutes away.

Only aim for tonight is to go for a run. May try and get an early night.

Alright Laelfy

Shitty, shitty day at work. Have totally switched off now in anticipation of a month off. Only issue is that is no start date.

Got my appraisal tomorrow too, not done anything for it, so fuck it.

Having baked spuds, cheese and beans for tea and a tea or 2

What happens when you leave for a month, I thought you were on your own?

Had my appraisal today, was a piece of piss. I’d recommend you talk yourself up because it sound s like you’ve had a really tough job. I’m always being told that I sell myself short in these things.

Not my problem, so don’t care. Think they’ll end up with a trainee cover for a month.

Hey laelfy, czuk, rich, dillingers!

Hanging out in the TV’s house, helping her clean up. Not going to do much this evening. Might cook fajitas and catch up on ‘Westworld’.

Evening team,
Gonna have a big fuck off bowl of pasta for dinner, very much looking forward to it.

Peach of an evening up here, might go out and get some ice cream later if I can be remotely fucked after dinner.

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Planning to go to the pictures to see A Quiet Place.

This is the place to put jokes about eating crunchy annoying snacks.

You should go to loop and scoop as the sign (loopandscoop) always makes me think of you when I pass it.


Pie and chips for dinner tonight. Need to do toddler bedtime in a bit first.

Booked in a different hotel in Ipswich for a change. It’s got free porn in the rooms, a PlayStation and free pool table downstairs.
Also got goose island midway on draft.

Had some mozzarella that needed using so I bunged it on my pizza. Turns out you can have too much cheese on a pizza :open_mouth:

Evening folks. Haven’t done much except a supermarket trip. Did a big vegan shop as we’re giving it a go for a while to try and lose weight. Had noodles for lunch with garlic, mushrooms, peppers, soy and sriracha, was tasty. Probably Linda Mac sausage sandwiches for tea. I need something to do all day other than eat.

Do I strike you as a looper and scooper?!

Don’t. It’ll get you!

Off out for the FIL’s birthday dinner very soon. He picked a Chinese restaurant. Tell me, good people of DiS, as I do not have a preferred option for Chinese cuisine, what’s good?

What will it be?

You strike me as a lot of things.


Kung Po for safebruv


Never had. How spicy do they get? Use a scale where Madras is a 5 out of 10

3 to 4

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