Monday evening thread

Yeah it’s early, deal with it.

Walking round with an umbrella for shade in this heat

  • You may be a member of the conservative and unionist party but you’re not in the Raj any more, mate.
  • Wish I had the balls to do that
  • This is completely normal what are u even on about

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When it’s not raining it’s called a parasol.


I’m going to walk the dog, have a bath, and then play rocket league as the world collapses.

Allez un collapse!

I just can’t wait to be in bed. All I want to do is go to bed. At 7 oclock.

Can I just do that?

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Permission Granted.


Only if you wake up in time for love island

The only Love Island I’ll be watching is the one in my dreams. Assuming I have a very specific dream tonight.

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Fuck today


My dad has just called - he’s talking about kicking my youngest brother out so he can move in with his girlfriend of 2 months and her daughter. I don’t think this is going to go well…

yeah that sounds like a nightmare

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for some reason my cover of Farewell Transmission keeps getting random nice comments on youtube.

Which I guess is good

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Yep, he’s a complete damp squib of a man

what’s up rich?

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Slightly messy day at work, started with a pretty brutal meeting with the person I manage which went well but I was pretty nervous for.

Country has gone to shit though eh.

My GF bought a parasol for this weather. It suits her tbf. Not sure I’d get away with it though.

About to cook dinner now. I do not have the energy for this.


I’ve just (hopefully) finished a three and a half page feminist rant about equality and diversity in the national film industry, for a film industry website. They know I’m writing something but no idea how they’ll react to this, tbh.

Taking some time off while my parents read through it (they’re very good for feedback), about to start cooking a curry.


the dwarves tonight

Gonna make Thai yellow curry, it will cool my down like a hot drink does right?

Had a falafel wrap for dinner. Greek yog, honey and blueberries for pud :ok_hand:

Gonna move some furniture back into the lounge later maybe, after plasticmike has painted the skirting

Just work stuff causing me problems