Monday evening thread

the heck is going on here?

This heat has evaporated my getting toddlers to sleep mojo. He’s too hot, and there’s noise coming in from outside because the windows are open. Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit easier. Still, I have a beer now.

Alright. I’m watching the movie the shallows. It’s not really very good.

I’ve been feeling pretty downbeat all day, maaaaaaaaaaaan (got the really stupid waking up from a dream disappointed that none of it actually happened blues). Though to be fair, I also had ice cream with a Twirl ground up in it, and that was fire emoji

Jeremy Hunt replaces Boris Johnson and is replaced himself by Matt Hancock.

Surely Toby Mannschaft must be next in line for a cabinet post.*

*if he actually exists.

I couldn’t find the joke thread.

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Amelia freer seems like a bit of a bellend but I do feel nice after eating her foodstuffs. Thai broth/poached salmon tonight, was good. Now cancelling out the health with a couple o chunks of twin peaks chocolate bar. :owl: :coffee: :doughnut:

Little one started sleeping in her big girl bed last night, it’s well cute.


Utterly, utterly done by that. GF thinks I’m giggling at the television but I’m absolutely in bits.

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Yeah it killed me first time around :smiley: Kind of like this


Guys… my room is actually at a tolerable temperature :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

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Its a lot cooler tonight, I’ve been walking a couple of miles each evening and its far more pleasant.

I’m bookmarking that thread for when I’m feeling sad someday. The Mary J. Bilge one destroyed me.


Macy Gary

Wow, Mike Shinoda is on The Daily Show and he’s looking really hot. Also he has a solo album out and I’m a bit tempted to listen to it. Should I?

I’m not an authority on his new album

You could say

I don’t know shit from Shinoda


Anyway I’m about to go to bed and just realised I still have that Ebony Dark’ness thing open on my phone after someone linked to it in another thread. Bedtime reading sorted!

Contacted someone about a coffee machine they were selling. This thing costs like £600 new and they are selling for £250. They said it is 1.5 years old BUT (and this is what I found weird/dodge) they say they can’t remember what store they bought it from…

  • That is weird, they need a coffee!
  • Perfectly normal. I would forget where I bought £600 items

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Only caveat is if they are so loaded that £600 is such small change that it wouldn’t register. But then again, if they were that rich, they probably wouldn’t be selling it, idk.

Does sound dodge, if they were giving you a five finger discount you’d think they’d research it a little.