Monday Evening Thread


bad day.

tell me about your days.


Hey gp, I hope you have amuch better night :+1:

My day was a bit of a slog as well.

That being said I picked up some squid over the weekend so looking forward to making something with that, although I have to give it a wee clean first, it’s a big yin with lots of entrails :grimacing:


that sounds disgusting.

i don’t think my evening will be much better but thanks anyway.


Evening all!

I’m still at work, well, working from home. I ducked out early for fear that I might have to work late, and it was totally the right decision.


I went to work, brought my laptop home, which took 2 hours, and slowly did a bit of work. Now cooking a veggie toad in the hole and vegging out on the sofa for a bit before I deploy some software for redacted insurance company at 8pm.


:frowning: hope you’re ok gp

Today is our two year wedding anniversary so I am… working a bit more then cooking before we crash in front of netflix. Married life amirite? (We just had a lovely weekend in a cottage in a forest)

Also I got her this cotton gift with a little help from a certain DiSer :grinning:


Does the colour purple have any meaning for you guys?


Happy anniversary Mr and Mrs ATT


that is very sweet. i hope she liked it.


No. More a question of making it easier to sort t-shirts in the wash as I own nothing purple and she has at least 2 purples already.


That’s immensely thoughtful.

(This sounds sarcastic… It’s not meant to be)


Had a really quiet/lazy/procrastinatey kind of day - which I’ll have to make up for tomorrow.

Teriyaki aubergine and sticky rice for tea.


chatting to a girl on bumble about crywank. not sure if she’s into bumsnogger or sweet jane andrews lane theatre october 17th @10:30pm yet


Currently doesn’t look great, i’m sure it’ll be tasty…i think…:thinking:




Oh I do all the washing - it’s purely selfish!


Half day, so ultimately a good day, but half of my lot were being right dickheads today.

Met my partner for late lunch and a nice mooch. The baby has been great today. She’s fallen asleep on me though, so I’m trapped. Having vegetable pesto pasta bake and a cuppa for tea.


that sounds nice.


I appear to be hugely out of touch.