Monday Evening Thread


I had a pretty bad day mental health wise but I got through the afternoon at work so go me. There’s always tomorrow, huh?

Had a mozzarella and tomato salad for dinner, treating myself to a white choc and macadamia nut cookie. Maybe 2.



Ah glad your feeling a bit better.

Pretty bored. Gonna have pizza and watch football and a solitary beer.

Trying to hold until around the football time to have the pizza and beer but starving and bored so may not make it.

Should really read a bit but cba.


I am going to make a شكشوكة/שקשוקה for dinner. I am excited, I’ve never made one before


remember being cooked one by a hipster friend in 2011, thinking ‘this’ll never catch on’


Seems a bit like eggs in purgatory but fancier.


Glad you’re feeling better, Ghostpony. Take it easy.

I’ve a Blonde Redhead gig at Islington Assembly Hall. Great band and venue. Should be fun.


huevos rancheros?


TBH, I’m just poaching eggs in tomato sauce and hoping it turns out ok.


eggs n sauce it is then



@Unlucky thanks guys, it means a lot :slight_smile:


Evening, done too much family stuff with my other half’s side of the fam this weekend and now I’m on solo childcare duty tonight. Bedtime for Jimbo in about half an hour, then pie and chips for dinner.


Roxy won’t play with me. :frowning:


Absolutely wasted today
ate a big ol bag of those Walkers Chilli and Lime crisps

GF making a big old Lasagna
Might do a trip to the gym later to benchpress and watch the football


I might need to start posting in the fitness thread. I’ve been feeling like I’ve lost my mojo in all sorts of ways of late, and getting back into shape like I was at the start of the year will hopefully get me back on track.


do it! it’s been great for my motivation. so many supportive folk in there :slight_smile:


Cheers GP. I’m not sure my weight is the issue, more the lack of exercise which means some bits are feeling wobbly and I’m not feeling mentally as sharp as I should. Maybe I should post about how many sit-ups I’ve done instead.


it’s not just for losing weight though! it’s for all kinds of fitness goals!


Hope you’re feeling better gp. Keep on truckin’ and all. Enjoy the cookie (s)!

I’m in the pub having a few after an afternoon of bouldering. Was grand. Have a fantasy draft later. Aside from that, gonna be a very chilled evening.


My dad has brought tatties and neeps from the allotment so pizza is off the menu, having them with some Quorn thing.