Monday Evening Thread


Just ordered curry, beer delivery didn’t come so I’m having a St. Austell tripel that I’ve had in for about a year and picked up at the Brewery.

Need to do some ironing.

Might start a book.


Would anyone like to see a pic of my new tea towel?




Evening unlucky, guess what, I’m still on the *#%^ing train. We’ve stopped for an hour again, this time in Oakland to add another carriage. The trains empty :woman_shrugging:. Guys the journeys already 25 hours long we don’t need to make it longer. The dude behind me is playing Big Bang Theory on his phone without headphones. When I eventually get off I’m going to get my hire car then drive to Santa Cruz then Monterey. Might try to eat some seafood.

What kind of curry did you order?


made a curry from one of those supermarket recipe box things. turned out decent
anyone use hello fresh or similar? i’m depressed so dont call me a tory please


Its got bees on it.




Are you on an Amtrak train?

Once I took one that was delayed by 18 hours.


Veg Masalader - not had this before but it had Kenyan in the description and my old flat mate was half Kenyan so that’s why
Baby aubergine curry
Chana poori


My new favourite thing is inari sushi, I took a half hour trip to a wasabi restaurant at closing time so I could get loads at half price :pensive:



There’s a very good vegan taco place in Monterrey.

And one of my favourite craft beer bars in the whole world in Santa Cruz.


I am. People warned me there’d be delays but I didn’t quite believe them.


Now that the adrenaline/initial shock from my tumble earlier has worn off I’ve realised that I’m in incredible pain. Part of my elbow is missing, I’m covered in bruises and scrapes, and I am very stiff.

On the plus side, I’m making aubergine parmigiana for tea.


Making a curry (cauliflower pasanda), drinking a beer (Lagunitas 12th of never)



Gonna make a left over veg risotto I think (mushroom, leek and asparagus) and have some nice tea.


Tacos :white_check_mark:
Vegan :x:
Craft beer :woman_facepalming::frowning::nauseated_face:


Just poured myself a brandy and ginger ‘for medicinal purposes’


Yeah they can be pretty bad.

I was told that crews can only work a set number of hours. While the routes are scheduled to allow changeovers if you hit that limit and you’re already delayed the train just has to stop. And if you’re in the middle of nowhere it can take a while to drive a replacement crew out.

BUT it’s an amazing way to see the US, and I enjoyed my trips so much. So I’m pretty jealous!


just found out black midi are playing a free show in manchester while i’m up here. yes please.


Tbf, inari is One Of The Best Things.