Monday Evening Thread


Absolutely buzzing after today. Had a tomato and mozzarella salad for dinner and a packet of crisps.

Might use all this energy to clean the bathroom.

Feel a bit sad that I’m not actually there though because the rest of my family and sister’s husband all are and I feel like I am missing out on PRECIOUS MOMENTS.



still in Berlin till tomorrow

Spent the day in record shops & modular synth stores

ate my own body weight in Weinerschnitzel & strudel last night

gonna have a rotisserie chicken in a minute


Has a nap, was great. Gonna cook some burgers up soon, then tidy the kitchen and have a herbal tea. Woooooo


20th anniversary screening of the Big Lebowski tonight at Cineworld.

Pretty sure I saw it years ago but don’t really remember anything about it, so I’m pretty excited.


Every sentence of your post is :+1:

Evening all. Made it through a miserable Monday. Going to have a couple of cold beers, watch something on Netflix, and (attempt to) cuddle the dog.




Are you going to have a celebratory themed drink???


Black Russian?



Current status


Arrived back in the EU today! Serbia was bloody lovely. Got that sweet sweet mobile internet back now so I don’t have to hover outside BetMax shops leeching any more.

Having to think about getting home at some point, annoyingly. Does anyone have any tips? I need to be in Utrecht/Amsterdam for the 8th November (with bike). So far I have found a ferry from Patras to Venice, so getting me and bike from Venice to northern Europe might be best. Flixbus don’t seem to have bike spots on any of their services though :frowning:


Har har



Just had THE BEST surf/ ennio morricone type guitar sound going. Not sure the neighbours will have been so on board all with the twanging but I enjoyed myself thoroughly

Just had jacket potato and left over curry for tea, drinking some wine

Trying Maniac out on the old Netflix, might pop out to buy chocolate soon


Gon cook


There’s a piano in this airport for anyone to play, and someone just sat down and played rhe GoT intro perfectly :heart_eyes:


Is there an easy way to find out which other main European train stations Amsterdam/Utrecht are connected to? That might be a better way.


venice - munich - prague - berlin - amsterdam ??

could even skip prague tbh


Paris, not that this helps from where DOTS is rn



gonna cook some food and take it easy. well that and look after the tv who got super pissed last night and has had an absolute c**t of a day apparently.


ah i meant that more as a route


Evening all!

My mother is visiting so I made a decent NA beef bourguignon. The Child sat at the table on her own and coloured in while we ate so that was good.