Monday Evening Thread

Its dark here so, fuck it, WE’LL DO IT LIVE

my knees hurt from driving, is this normal? :grimacing:

what’s for tea? what’s for drink? etc?

it’s almost 7pm worldwide, mate. if that’s not evening I dunno what is.

where are you gonna go?

good luck, dude.

surely you can think of a better post interview treat than that? like 8 pints of beer or something?

Had ‘posh’ chicken Kiev which quite frankly was a poor imitation of cheap chicken Kiev. Now having a Danone :roll_eyes: which quite frankly is the most superior brand of yoghurt of out there.

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Still at work for 45 more torturous minutes.

And it’s already 18:45 here, so it’s even worse than you’d think.

Send help.

so insidious, the deluxe kiev, innit.

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Pronounced da-yeh

weird that we’re like this far from each other, but are still in the same time zone.

europe is wonderful isn’t it


It is. GBOL


god bless the bureaucrats for sorting that one out for us

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Bloody Franco wanting to stay in time with Hitler meaning the winter light is super weird.

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its even weirder where I live, since its west of the UK meaning it doesn’t really get light here til around 9am in the morning :smiley:

Still at work, gotta do the long walk to take the security key back. Boo.

Can barely feel my fingers it’s so cold in here :cold_face:

couldn’t you just ‘forget’ about the key?

Alas no

I need to go to the airport but I can’t find my bluetooth headphones

where bounce you flying 2?

what a squalid night


squalid is such a good word. gonna be my word of 2019 I think

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Was at work do. Full roast wrap, hotdog, drinks. So doing the sensible thing and going…pub