Monday Evening thread

Evening all :wave:

How have your days been? What’s for dinner? What are your overall levels of energy like? Any other business?

Feel free to answer these questions or just freestyle.

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Posted before anyone else posted an evening thread too


Evening ccb et al!

It’s been freezing today and I made the mistake of telling Wor Lass I was going to the gym tonight, so she’s making me go.

Energy levels are quite low.

I also have to write some words for my Nanowrimo project.

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I had lasagne for tea. I’ll have some pumpkin pie in a minute.


I had 2 job interviews today, one was for a promotion of my current job basically and the other something that seems actually easier but for the same amount of money.
I have 5 beers now and going to watch some Dungeons and or Dragons.


I had a burrito bean bowl and my brain is in full bag of squirrels mode, which is a bit like having a lot of energy but it isn’t directed at anything

Probably quite grim query about my own balls


My balls have been low key aching for about a month now. I took an STI test, totally clean. I’ve been checking for lumps, nothing I can see. Is it worth going to a doctor? I feel like the answer is yes, but…

Hi. I had a shit day. Thinking about getting a Chinese.

  1. not bad, thank you. After a few utterly horrendous weeks at work, this one looks like it might be… ok? Managed to get out for a walk at lunchtime which was nice.
  2. pizza, followed by some of the apple crumble I made yesterday
  3. they’re not too bad right now (see answer to question 1)
  4. My housemate has a few days off and wants me to go to the pub with him for a few pints. We’ll see, but I suspect I’ll be sensible and stay in and watch the football instead



Yeah, I would. That’s quite a while.

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Feel like it should’ve just gone away but sigh, week 4…
Should also note I’ve had anxiety based pains earlier this year with my heart that turned out to be entirely psychosomatic so maybe this is that too, fun

Walked down the road and some bloke on a fire escape at the pub shouted at me from some alleyway to come to him. Was a chef and had locked himself out on the fire escape having a cig and asked if I could go into the pub and ask the barman to unlock the door. So I did. An enjoyable human interaction.

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Be good if they can rule things out though, eh? Go and get them out.


Still on the train. Been stuck at signals for 95 minutes so far :sob:

Going to have to jump in cab and get a quick away for dinner and then try and sort out the cat coming back from the cattery.

Maybe I should start a blog about my own balls.


Sounds like a load of bollocks.


Jacket potato, cheese & bins.

Need to do the bins, whilst avoiding the rain

I’m the worst person in the world for not acting on these things though. Had pretty bad abdominal pain most of last week and worked out that it was around my colon. Decided that if it lasted a week then I’d mybe think about considering phoning the doctor. Luckily I had a big shit on Saturday morning that solved things fairly instantly.


Yes, although I have had achy balls in the past on a couple of occasions. Resulting in nothing. But yes, still go.

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