🌞 Monday Evening Thread 🌞

Hi friends,

Hope everyone is coping ok with the heat.

What’s for dinner? Are you spending your evening outdoors or in?

poll coming up…


When reading a series or sequel, with a long gap before reading the next book, do you re-read the first/previous books before starting on the sequel/s?

  • Yes, always
  • Sometimes
  • No

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Anyone not having some form of salad for tea?

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Baking in the park; sour beer open, book nearing the conclusion

Cold shower later, something light for dinner but no ideas what. Scampi supper? Lol

People who don’t re-read

  • I have a great memory so don’t need a recap of what happened previously
  • Life’s too short

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  • I do sometimes re-read favourite books
  • Never re-read anything

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Can usually find recaps online and that so I can pick up storylines etc

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Had to keep doing recapa online while doing Infinite Jest as it was impossible to keep up with

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Had a shit microwave curry. Didnt want to cook aa its too hot to eat properly

Had a pizza as cba cooking/assembling

Posted this in the day thread but one for the evening crowd: Anyone fancy a couple of tickets to the Punchdrunk show on Wednesday evening? We can’t go now so are trying to sell a pair. Normally Β£80 each but will take 50 or listen to offers, just want to get something back for them.

Salt and Vinegar peanuts are the best flavour

  • Correct
  • Incorrect

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Fishcakes and salad for dinner, have been fine with the heat all day but now I’m a bit more tired I’m struggling a bit. Also we didn’t get any frozen desserts in, what are the chances there are still ice creams or lollies at the Coop

  • Of course
  • Lol

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Evening all :wave:

I nearly didn’t make it home - got to Ely and all of the trains north were cancelled with no buses etc. Luckily I managed to find some randoms to share a taxi with. Mrs CCB had put flannels in the freezer for arrival :heart_decoration:


(of peanuts)

I like the idea of regreading, but I only got really into rewatching films over lockdown and I much prefer films to books

So yeah, not got the brain space or drive to reread, even though I’m sure I’d get a lot from it

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Me, I made avocado pesto and we had it with fresh tagliatelle, tenderstem and, of course, peas.


Had pasta for dinner, forgot to go and get a coke zero ewrlier - night ruined.

Making a jumper and then going to read that crop circle book by Benjamin Myers :relaxed:


It’s not even 630! Can’t have had dinner already

Hung out with my nephews earlier which was exhausting so now chilling in my flat with a wee beer and some billie holiday :heart_eyes:


I get hungry early