Monday evening thread

Had a walk before the sun vanished, probs basic Tesco quiche dinner, new Dragons episode, deciding if I’m going Manchester at the weekend

Was it @sine_wave looking for halloween mugs?

Oh montreal, nvm :pensive:

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Will do!

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It was me! They are so cute :heart_eyes:

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Which one :joy:

Did he have more than one?

Yeah he also had that annoying one that was like ‘everyone’s gonna love today gonna love today gonna love today’

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Also that one about ‘big girls you are beautiful’



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I’ve made three lasagnas, broken three glass cooking trays (unrelated, thankfully), helped the youngest do his homework, and eaten a crunchie ice cream. The latter was a disappointment tbqh

I was at the Big Chill Festival in 2011 or 2012, and Mika was on the bill. An announcement got made from the stage that he wasn’t able to make it and a big cheer spread across the audience. Poor Mika


There’s two sorts, IIRC. One is great, with little balls of fizzy honeycomb, and the other is just a bit wrong, with orangey looking ice cream that’s overly sweet

Final bit of pie for dinner, got to work late as super busy week, bubs had a melt down at teeth cleaning time again which is super unpleasant for all involved

Also, this tromboning game looks well difficult!

I keep getting targetted ads for these too -

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It’s a shame as he seems a nice chap and can certainly write a catchy hook

Ohh me too you know! Their factory isnt too far from me, unfortunately the factory shop isnt much cheaper :pleading_face:

The halloween stuff is soooo pretty. Just cant justify £22 for a mug though. Looks like I might be off to ASDA haha. :see_no_evil:

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Spent a fortune ob overprice vegan stuff in Tescos

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Didnt see lopes should have took myself to TGIs.

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I too had this.

Also this.

Currently watching A Touch Of Frost, for some reason. Bed soon and then lovely, lovely sleep.

Got a bit of whatever the opposite of pre-work dread is, seeing as it looks like I’m going to be off for 2 or 3 weeks again. Which is kind of good but also kind of not good :confused:


In bed with a cup of jasmine tea. Texted my ex boyfriend and now wish i hadn’t. Sort of.

I had a blood test today that’s made me feel really panicky about the results…so just was looking for some kindness and all I got was ‘hope it gets better for ya’.

Oh well. Maybe I expected too much.