Monday evening thread

Got a soup on (potato,leek, onion, carrots, cabbage, garlic)

What you up to?


Still working. Furious about it.

About to go to yoga , might have a snickers bar on the way

Also might have a pint after

Had an unproductive day at work, no inspiration for the thing I’m working on today.

Don’t know what I’m going to watch on telly later, I need a new series to watch I think

Haven’t had to sit on the loo for 2hrs or so, so maybe I’m getting better. Am starving though. Have a vegetable broth on the go (carrots, parsnip, swede, onion and a soup mix of split peas, red and yellow lentils and pearl barley). Is tasty, but probably not going to eat it.

Played some tennis, now eating milky bar buttons, drinking beer and watching tennis

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Tired enough for it to be midnight, what is going on

Carbonara, garlic bread, gangster films to come I think. Maybe justify a cocktail so one of the spare egg whites don’t go to waste

Im thinking of just watching a load of Simpsons as cba with thinking

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Did you find any mood lifting thing for your day?

Sack it off

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Literally same here, just finishing up S2 I think

Hadn’t clocked how good it was from the very very start

S1 one is a bit meh but s2 is possibly my favourite

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Soup seems like it might taste good is the best i can do.

Supposed to be off tomorrow too but might just work (and maybe take thurs off instead)

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I watched from the start up to when it became more shit than good quite recently


Succulent Chinese meal ordered.

Not much going on really. Watch TV for a bit, I suppose.

Doing jerk chicken for tea tomorrow - haven’t done it for probably a couple of years and struggling to find the recipe I used to use, so trying to find that as well.

Hi all, in the pub drinking a tasty sour. Got a table booked for some japanese food in a wee bit. Last night in Newcastle :cry: had a lovely time :heart:


Just walk past some guys strolling about casually huffing balloons and then the bat swooped right near my head again. Love that bat.

Feel a bit meh or gross or something idk.

Off to a gig in a bit with some lovely babes though :relaxed:

I have run, i have walked the dog, i have done a load of work, i have been to the post office to post a letter, i have made the kids some tea (why yes, i did reheat leftovers from last night), and now i have no clue what to do.

Hope its been fun! I really fancy a trip there as only ever had a very flying visit

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Waiting for the train to Birmingham for Future Islands, decided to get the slow train but forgot my book which was the reason for doing so.

Might go try on fancy wool jackets to kill time once I get in.