Monday Evening Thread

Alright? I’m exhausted from being ill and work and that. Making a big chilli to try and blast this cold out then lying down I think. What’s going on?

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I befriended an illegally fluffy cat, day has peaked.


Love my family but their TV watching habits makes me :melting_face:

(Osman’s House of Games is on)

not eating food is rubbish!

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Tired after being up at stupid o clock for work.

Ordered from the fish shop for din dins.

Watching Happy Valley from last night cos I was tucked up in bed when it was on.


Met a lovely dog today, while I was out for a walk with Ozzie. So that was nice. Little scruffy rescue dog from the mean streets of Hungary.


House Of Games is good only ever seen one episode


Eat some food!

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Mrs CCB’s dad gave us a couple of these Simply Cool recipe kits so I’m using up one of them (Italian beef rsgu but subbing the beef for more veg). Need to get some stuff sorted for tomorrow, then will watch Schitts Creek and drink tea.

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Every one I’ve seen is so awkward, though they’ve got an audience now so less deathly silences

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just gonna think about food and sulk for now

still feeling off, flatmate still away, no energy to socialise

poke bowl (pricey but tasty and #feelshealthy), flat browsing, reading, The Bear - about the size of things

also pondering a lil Belfast trip in Feb to coincide with a cool gig, more details TBC

Flooding put to end my evening walk, but successful trip to the library as they had Our Wives Under the Sea in.

Creamy chicken & chorizo pasta awaits for dinner. Very hungry so sure some pudding will follow.

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i should remember libraries exist


I only started using one again since I moved here, reckon it’s saved me around £500 in just over a year. Is open until 10pm as well.


since i usually hit 25-30 books and get some leant to me and approx … 12 a years as presents, it;s not a huge issue for me - but would still be good now and then im sure

Yeah, life sucks eh

Or, better put, I suck. Yay, brains

fuck off Rich’s brains, leave him be

winnie the pooh hug GIF


you should all get on down to the voicenotes group, mates. if you want some dis action, that’s where you want to be.

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