Monday Evening thread


I don’t think I’ve ever started an evening thread but there doesn’t seem to be one started.

How are you all this Monday evening? Up to much? I’ve just had parents’ evening at my daughters’ school. Bit of a lucky escape: I managed to lock my bike lock to the post in the bike shed without actually locking my bike to anything.


How rough is your daughter’s school if that was a lucky escape?

Edit: evening. Just playing some Forza whilst my dinner cooks, then I’m going to watch some Veronica Mars and Luke Cage, keep an eye on the football, read then go to sleep. Pretty much summing up @80% of all my evenings for the last year


I think that leaving a bike unlocked anywhere is a lucky escape in my book. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the roughest) it’s probably a 4.


reading a book about the Mozambiquan civil war


Mozambican? Mozambique?


Not much, watching Escape to the Country and contemplating paying for a 24 hour Sky pass to watch the football.

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Only had 800 calories today.

Bamnan 1 - Monday 0


My vote was for Mozambiquan. Turns out I’m WRONG


I hope they were good calories.



I’m about to cook a curry chock full of all sorts of yum stuff. All vegetables which my body is properly craving.

Also waiting to see the design for my feminist film club screening of The Exorcist :smiley:


Listening to Leonard Cohen in a half happy/half sad kind of way.

Asked a girl out, she said yeah but was really evasive and its obvious it cant happen until she sorts her head out. Fucked.

Still, got some gold bars and nice apples so lets just ride it out.


gold bars!!


Well done for trying! :boom:


Keep your filthy empathy.



Class aren’t they?


don’t think i’ll ever forget the taste. have never had a caramac, but i’m guessing they’re not as good.


Correct. Miles off


No I’m being genuine. I never try anything.


Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck You’ve just reminded me I chucked some caramel breakaways in my drawer when I brought a honey back on Friday night as it would’ve highlighted my terrible life :sweat_smile: