Monday evening thread?

Monday evening thread!


Made some lovely light spring pasta dish

And drinking a Pimm’s

Pimm's below

Naff TV and early bed


the new Beavis and Butthead is as good as ever

I have been living with Arnold Comesandgoes for five days. He yearns for the spotlight. But eight limbs flailing while he eats raw flesh won’t win a talent show. He’ll just live in my kitchen corner, then, scuttling into the light and back until I suppose he’ll move on.


Sounds like an interesting flatmate

He wants to be called ‘‘sweet tea’’ but it’s no name for a feral spider.


In London! For another 9 minutes, then off to Woking which I hear is a hip place to be

I like trains but I think the 390 pendolinos are dogshit

Where are you booking trains to m9?

On a train home, v tired :yawning_face:

Lots of lovely farm animals to look at out the window, though

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Watching a film from this century where Bob hoskins plays one of the main characters. What a world

Lahndan, for Wide Awake in a couple weekends - more Alex G baybee

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Noodles, chicken and peasy weasies for teasy weasies tonight.


Sure it’s not just the Sheila video?

It’s not, but he probably got the gig off the back.

It’s unleashed

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one of these is Bob Hoskins?

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im continuing Depressing Philip Seymour Hoffman Films Rewatch Week with “Love Liza”

i would like to confirm that “Owning Mahowney” and “Before The Devil Knows Youre Dead” are depressing and that philip seymour hoffman is the best to ever do it

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Just finishing work. Had a pleasant enough afternoon trundling about in the sunshine.

Just in the taxi back to Brum from the place where the trains go to bed.

Should be home in about 45 mins for a bit of birthday cake. Eat that and watch some nonsense on YouTube for a bit until bedtime, I suppose.