Monday evening thread


Alright? What you up to?

Had a failed hiking attempt today and have been walking around in the dark for the last hour. a terrible waste of a day. Gonna throw some junk food in my gob and go to bed at 8pm.


Hello Eric. Where did you attempt to hike?


Leith hill in surrey. Got there way too late and just lost the light in the end so had to abandon, was a pretty lame attempt all told.


Fucked by the clocks going back? I know that game.


evening champs. over at mums. staying for 3 days. gonna be tense!

breaking all the cat rules. Poppy and Pippin aren’t allowed out the house after dark, as we lost a cat once and my mum and sister think it’s because she got lost in the dark, or some shit. pathetic!

naturally, I’m letting them both out til midnight tonight. they fucking love me for it


Shouldnt that have given me more time? Idk.

Is it just me or do evening threads not seem to be really taking off on these new boards?


Hello. I’m hiding at the back of the house because there are packs of feral children roaming the streets.

Might just read upstairs.


Might not be the best idea with potential fireworks about. Jazz.


Nah man, it’s getting darker an hour earlier now innit.

There’s been some truly excellent evening threads here as well, this whole post has been an unmitigated disaster.


Hiya, what m I up to…? fuck all, as per. Gonna go play some drums then watch a film. Maybe Halloween… maybe finding dory… who knows…


Oh Eric…


Fuck off, everyone.


In Halloween related news, my block of flat neighbours are having a party in the middle… I’m blatantly not gonna go out. The weirdos.


I’m doing the same.


Monday curry on the go, got some leftover mix so kids can have pancakes for pudding and all.

Nothing else on, watched first Black Mirror of new series last night and was thoroughly underwhelmed. Might give it another go…does it improve?


Anyone watching some horror films or something tonight?

I saw Gremlins a bit earlier, ashamed to say it was my first time watching it. Couldn’t make up my mind for another one and still hungover and tired from the weekend so just watching a show for now.


I might watch Hellraiser 3 later. Watched 1 and 2 at the weekend.


Just remembered our doorbell doesn’t work as it needs new batteries. Result.


hadn’t considered this. 8pm curfew it is. nice one dude