Monday evening thread

So tired. Is it bedtime?

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I’m having vegetarian sausages. had some when I went to a #vegetarianmates house and they put me off for 15 years or so. they are linda mccartney things. have I made a mistake? which are the best ones? (yes I know people have discussed this before)

also, netflix’s horror section basically total shit, isn’t it?




I’m seeing josh t Pearson at the social, bit claustrophobic and too loud

I knew it. they were on special offer though, I couldn’t resist. I’ll update this later after I’ve eaten them.

you’re on the edge of your seat
just waiting

Correct. It’s important that we raise awareness of this travesty

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Back home now. Going to drink tea and eat chocolate. Feel utterly emotionally drained - there was a bit of a problem with my daughter at school and I ended up bursting into tears on the teaching assistant.

I’ve been given a couple of days’ compassionate leave. In the past, my own pride has stopped me from taking time off because of stress and anxiety, and it’s only made things worse. I’m going to take it this time though.

Oh man, hang in there pal. Deffo take the time off please.


Yeah I’m going to. I kind of need to.

Worked late and just listening to the radio now. Been texting someone I used to see a bit and might meet up with them soon. Not sure what to have for dinner. Beans on toast maybe…

Hope you’re doing OK mate, I’m sure you’ve got loads of people around supporting you but if you ever need to chat then go for it!

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Sorry to hear that pal. These killings have been pretty gruesome, one was in my parents road.

Quick question did you ever use to post on the Football Manager forums? A user there had the same username and posted a lot about music.

Hi ladies and gentlemen,

Bamnan here!


Thank you… I guess I just wasn’t really prepared for how hard it would be for my dad, and how gutted he was/is. There’s very little of comfort you can say to a 67 year old man who has been widowed twice.

It will get easier though, and he’s got three children who want to be in his life and support him, and six grandchildren who he loves. I’m going to cut him a front door key and send it to him, and just tell him that he can come up at no notice to get a breather.

Just feel like I’m totally winging being an adult sometimes!

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Fuck man, that’s awful, poor bloke :disappointed:

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Was meant to go see John carpenter. Had to work late instead.


Hope the time off helps a little ccb. You need to make sure you’re looking after yourself at times like these as well. X

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nah just doing some special effects cuts on his face with liquid latex.

asked me if he needed to buy anything so i told him to get fake blood that dries and a cheapo foundation or concealer that matches his skintone and he’s bought neither so i’m using asda’s finest 50p fake blood and a foundation of mine that is 3 shades too light for him ¯\ _ (ツ) _ /¯

naw man. not me

was thinking about getting a 30 day trial of this cause it looks alright