Monday evening thread

Someone rang this afternoon to say they’re coming to take photos of our flat TOMORROW so it can be put up for sale so I need to tidy up. Also glad I forgot to put a load of washing on earlier so we don’t have to shuffle a rack full of wet laundry around the place to avoid it appearing in the photos

What’s everyone else up to?


still having full on indecision crisis about laptops

gonna have veg pastry tart for dinner, watch misc entertainment


Just been sorting my work stuff out for tomorrow.

Got masala cod and battered chips on its way for tea.

Dog is still behaving a bit strangely. Hoovered his dinner up as usual and he’s been happily barking at people walking past while he’s in the garden, so can’t be that much wrong with him.

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Maybe check he’s not got something stuck between his toes or anything silly like that if you’ve not already? Pets are funny things aren’t they, hope he’s OK.

Post away imho

I might go get some new pillows

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Want to read tonight but have a billion chores to do


Just had some noodles. Nice bath and a book after the gym I reckon

Quite nice having a little bit of light post work, walked to the shops hungry and with no list. Not done too badly as came back with sushi, chicken karaage, noodles and spring onions.

Sofa, book and TV to follow.

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Long and very arduous day, but did make a good dinner

Probably read some more and try and stay out of trouble


2-4-1 burgers at the local


Just had to do catty hiemlich on fig

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Remarkably Bright Creatures is really good

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Alright. Had roast leftovers for tea. Huge plate. Off tomorrow, taking eldest out of school for a day trip to the natural history museum. Maybe pizza for late lunch.


Why are toddlers so knackering? She’s not even particularly bolt-y or whatever, just… :melting_face::face_with_spiral_eyes:

Going to try and finish my book and start a new one, idk. Wanna browse skateboard trucks and decks until my eyes bleed but that isn’t very useful is it.

Ahhhhh crap day. Started it in such a good mood too but I just want to curl up and disappear rn.

hung a mirror up earlier, it only has a hook on the back for a single screw. how long until i can stop worrying that it’s just gonna fall down? can an adult advise me please. thanks

Why must my brain overthink so about fun purchases. Why for

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Just watched an absolutely harrowing mountain rescue on the telly, fortunately with a happy outcome. Probably not what I needed right now with the emotions riding high and the anxiety meter being towards the red…

Emergency services people really are the very best of us