Monday evening threaddd

I’ve not done anything today. literally left the house to walk on the balcony for a smoke. being unemployed is great huh.

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quick question: that brewdog thread gets a lot of action. do you guys like brewdog or are you always complaining about brewdog?

  • love brewdog
  • don’t care about brewdog
  • dislike brewdog

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Going to be honest. No idea what brewdog even is.

Long day at work. Had a sneaky kip. Sort the kitchen out now then have some dinner.

Left work over an hour early simply because I’m big and confident no one could physically stop me. Making a smoke haddock kedgeree for tea. Don’t even know what that is.


Phwoar. Haven’t had kedgeree for yonks.

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Got free stuff with my takeaway! :smiley:

It’s ice cream :pensive:

It’s Halo Top, they do vegan ice cream! :smiley:

This isn’t vegan ice cream :sob:


Gonna poach some motherfucking duck eggs

Bit of an explore this morning and this afternoon lounging around the pool working out a playlist of dance bangers for my mates 40th.


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If 90s lad culture grew into capitalism, called itself “Punk” and brewed a series of beers of varying quality you’d get Brewdog in a nutshell.

Ok. So it makes beer.

Don’t drink beer. Not good for the Slicky stomach, in more ways than one.

Remember that time they tried to make a girl’s only IPA and scored a major own goal by making it all pink?


used to be a staple rotation for me

couldn’t fathom doing it for breakfast though

It’s a breakfast food? Didn’t know that.

apparently so

I’ll have it, I’m all about halo top

Yes… ‘satirising’ sexist marketing by… Doing sexist marketing.

:clap: slow :clap: hand :clap: clap :clap:

Hey pals. Full of the lhurg. However I’m now home in my sliders and shorts with the windows wide open so life could be much worse. Also just got tickets to Goodwood Revival for me and me da so super excited!!

Made specifically for hangovers by the Victorians. They had the right idea.


GF is on day two of her hangover so I’m on a supply run. Have to collect my bass gear later.