Monday evening threaddd

Hi gang! Had an eventful morning involving the washing machine breaking and tripping the power to the house, trapping the clothes inside, finally finding how to get it open, carting a whole bunch of wet washing down to my parents’, tidying and cleaning the house, doing the big shop, making sure Mrs F avoids any mention of birthdays and ensuring she had the best day possible, making and eating hot dogs for tea, and now lying down nursing my fucked arm. Too much for a Monday, mates.

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Two tubs of cookies and cream suit you?


Bee update. They’ve buzzed off.

Last night when I got home there must have been 1000+ covering the steps.
This morning probably 200.
Now 10 or so.


That’s a great day out. Used to live down the road from Goodwood and would always admire the cars when I rode my bike around there. So much nicer than the festival of speed

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I got a Sonos Play 1 for the kitchen because you couldn’t really hear the Sonos Play 3 in the living room if you were cooking or the dishwasher was on or whatever.

The Play 1 sounds significantly better. Richer, more detailed, clearer and fuller. Now I’m really annoyed with the Play 3.

These are the kinds of problems I have in my life.


I thought you said they were wasps?

I thought they were bees at 10pm, brother in law said they were wasps when he was fixing a major leak at 2am or so. In daylight at 9am realised they were bees. They do look a little waspy, but neighbour confirmed they were honey bees. Also confirmed by a local beekeeper.

Basically with the stress of the house flooding in the early hours, I believed whatever.


Having Thai fish pie from the new Quick Roasting Tin book for dinner tonight. Look delish from the pic in the book so I’m looking forward to that.

You bee-lieved whatever?

(I bet that’s bloody hilarious after the stress you’ve been through)

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Also there isn’t enough room in my freezer for my free ice cream.

Why is life so hard.

buy a second freezer, duh.

Oh yes. I’ll be having a very early night.

My house mate gets back tonight from recording with his band in some barn in the new forest somewhere. I’ll make sure he leaves his car keys in future, would have made it so easier and less stressful if I could have reached the water shut off by moving his car.

But it might… freeze better than my old one and then I’ll be annoyed at it.


Voila. Don’t think it’s supposed to look like this


Alright @ericV

can anyone tell me the instance that Part of the Wind by Tim Hardin was famously(?) used that I’m always trying to remember but never can. was it like an advert or a film or something? nostalgic

At work


Going to watch the last episode of stranger things again because I wasn’t paying attention

Gosh whats wrong with me third time in a week where I’ve wanted saute potatoes. :sob: