Monday evening threadening

Hello. Yes I know it’s early get off my back I wanted to start an evening thread allow it.

About half an hour ago I inhaled a chocolate croissant and now I’m making HelloFresh teriyaki beefbeef with jasmine ricingtons and cucumber saladings.

I got such a load of great post today. I’ve signed up to a book club called Adventurous Ink and it’s lovely - each book is related to the great outdoors in some way, and they have live Q&A chats with authors and that as well Adventurous Ink.

Then I also got some Pip’n Nut peany b (maple which you can’t get over here).

This feels like an #ad but I swear down it’s not just lots of lovely things arriving on my doorstep all at once.

How are you. How’s your day been. What are your Night Plans?






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Ahhhhh, toot toot

Yeah, beefbeef


Having left over quiche with a side of leftover chickpea stew.

Got a cinnamon knot and a chai for later and a load of stupid idiot work (but it’s mostly historical research stuff so enjoyable, as work goes)

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Please show us pictures of your dinner tilts!

I’m making this from Gousto



:watch: :mantelpiece_clock: :pray:

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Gonna have a baked spudtato.

Couldn’t be arsed so made a cheese and jalapeño toastie

And I might start King of the Hill

Will see if my tea ends up looking like this in an hour or so :eyes:


Having one of my favourite comfort dinners, which is very childish and weirdly specific.
LIGHTLY toasted bagel thin, mustard and ketchup on the top, mayo on the bottom. Veggie burger, not fake meat, like the ones with peas and carrots that you get two in a pack for like £1. Extra well done. Extra mature cheese melted on top. Raw white onion on top as well as TWO sliced gherkins, arranged around the bagel both top and bottom.


Oh ffs, I’ve got a meeting starting now until 7.15, so going to have to keep M up late which mean my working day that is getting work done and not just meetings will start later too, farewell sleep

Love those style veggie burgers, we get veggie fingers like that.

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I am fine, thanks for asking

I have been asleep for most of it. Got up at 2pm, had coffee and Shreddies, did a Tour de Zwift and finished 9th out of nearly 700 - first time I’ve finished in the lead group of a big event. Well chuffed with that TBH :slight_smile:

Dinner (some kind of pasta), pootle, drive to work, work at 10. Have been informed that the boiler is knackered so there’ll be no whisky making tonight. I shall be painting walls instead, and my colleague has warned me to bring warm clothes because “it’s fucking freezing in here”. What larks

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Yes!! So good. Have some of the fingers in my freezer too.
Don’t get me wrong, I like a fishless finger or a fake meat sausage as much as the next person but you can’t beat a squashy mix of vegetables coated in breadcrumbs.

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Your two avatars are quite confusing at a glance



Calling work due to snow, boss not happy but he can suck it.


That looks nice. Recipe?

Ha! So they are :slight_smile: Mine is Quistis from FFVIII, but I do not know (and have often wondered) who @tilty’s is

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Split the back of my dress getting out of the car this morning. Fixed with safety pins but all day has been getting more and more precarious. Luckily I was wearing thick black tights.

Can’t believe my thighs have become this powerful :muscle::star_struck: