Monday Evening Thredd

2 year old made me take him to bed at about 5:30 because he was tired. Still not properly fallen asleep!


Never be ashamed of yer preferred local Indian

Saw you mention mushroom pakora in curry sauce the other day might try that


Oh yeah that’s what I normally get :+1:

You haven’t missed it! I need more recipes please!

I’ll DM it to you

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Thank you, it’s for this


The big man’s up.


What’s the worst thing to wash up

  • Potato masher
  • Colander
  • Cheese grater
  • Other

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Porridge if its left for more than 5 or 6 seconds


Anything dog-related that clearly presumes that people who own dogs also own dishwashers

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Just having a gin and lemonade

  • A drink
  • Just a combination of 2 random fluids mixed together in a glass and not recognised by any official drinks guide or barman

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500 american dollars

Garlic press

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Ha! As if they’re worth the paper they’re printed on now.

obviously frame included.

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Decent quality print too, unlike a LOT of Etsy stuff.

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bored out of my fucking mind, done nothing but drink for a week and a half. Can’t wait to go back to work next Monday.

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There’s an old boy in the pub (or was when it was still open) whose drink of choice is gin and Diet Coke. I wince internally whenever he orders one.