Monday Evening (with dinosaurs!)


Hi folks,

How were your days? What’s for tea? What are you up to tonight?

I made this fellow earlier, need to add a balloon with a message and then it’ll be an impractically 3D birthday card:

Probably gong to finish that then watch Star Trek Disco :rocket: :man_dancing:


Coincidentally I just got sent this pic of my nephew who has just proudly completed the Lego dinosaur I got him for Christmas!




Yes! I was panicking that my promise of dinosaurs (plural) would have been a lie. Awesome dino, awesome kid :grinning:


Hey FL, Tone, gp!

My day was boring but I’m having a beer and relaxing before I go and record with a band for the night. This could be very stressful.

Really like the 3D birthday card FL!


Happy to help a thread become grammatically accurate


Considering a thread where I vent various irks I have with my mother in law and asking people to rate how irked I have a right to be in each case, but I think it would be bad karma. Would just love someone to vent to right now.


That sounds very Jim Davidson and I would engage with a thread like that in a carefully ironic fashion.


@moderators can you please fold this thread into the other evening thread please? That one is better, thanks.


No idea what I’m doing tonight. Regale me with stories of films and food DiS!


dun fucked up aint ya



I went to our other office today and was the only one there, got shit done and then went home punctually. Ate spinach and chickpea and tomato curry for dinner and too much bread (no rice). Now lying in bed posting here. The tv is watching MSNBC, kinda bored of the government shutdown already.


@Steved day evening?


Moon day you fools!


had an extremely odd day mentally

mad work dread before work
relief when work was ok, even when it was a bit frustrating/stressful, in the morning
major fug over lunch about my weight
mad anxiety about my weight for most of the afternoon
slow-burning anger about my ex boyfriends and their relation to my relationship with weight in the late afternoon
BLINDING WHITE RAGE after work about my ex boyfriends, partly due to weight but partly due to gaslightling
slightly weepy and soft since getting home (my friend sent me some lovely messages after i vented to her about exes)

weird weird day. never sleeping all evening again


@ericV day morning?

(What are we doing?)


Ah, double evening threads :scream:

I knew this would happen if I started one, sorry czuk.


At work

Sitting in my office doing nothing.

Bit of DiS, bit of Tinder, bit of warhammer army list building. Quite frightening how my life panned out when I realise thats a good set of things that describe me.

Going for a porridge (breakfast), Pasta and chicken (dinner), cup a soup (tea) week as I losy half a stone rapidly last time I did this. I don’t give a shit about anyone’s opinions as to whether thats healthy or not, so keep your opinions to yourselves.


Aw man, yours has dinosaurs too. @moderators, can we get some merge action going on pls?


Drinking a proper beer wanker beer in my favourite pub in the world

Had a wonderful day tbf. Still utterly shit scared with baby stuff after spending the day chatting to my mate who has 3.