Monday evening


How is everyone?

Im well annoyed, my landlord has sold my flat so we need to move in 2 or 3 months. Majorly cba


Seems like everyone’s having landlord issues (well, you and @AphexTwinkletoes). A law that allows you to turf anyone out of their home with only two months’ notice is a shit law. Hope it all works out :slight_smile:


Tired. Had an offer on a house accepted. Have a mortgage in principle, but kind of worried a few withdrawals of PrOfIT from my poker account might look quite bad. Apparently they don’t like gambling of any kind, even if they’re backing a Winn€r. All through Neteller, and directly my account, but that’s basically just a jumped up gambling wallet…hmmmm.


Having beer and pizza. That’s about it. (I had a burrito for lunch)


Big tesco


Got tomorrow (and possibly Wednesday) off. Not sure what to do with myself.
I get the feeling fleeting busying myself has been distracting my depression a bit. Actually taking my weekend into account I would definitely say it was, and not even very successfully. Might just go to a town I’ve never been to before, see what’s going on.


Utterly rinsing this album lately, heartily recommend


Sacked off my card games due to a severe case of the cbas.

Now going to finish the cookies I made at the weekend like an absolute pie, then play Dishonored and Invisible Inc until I pass out in a pile of my own crapulence.


Landlords are the worst, GL TKC.

Had the busiest and most productive day in ages today but I’m not sure how good the work I delivered was and I’m expecting it to come back with lots of changes. Oh well.

About to make some spaghetti and I fucking love spaghetti so there’s that


Cheers! It’ll be alright and I suppose that is a bit of time, it’sjust a hassle, and we;ve onlu been here for 9 months or so


I’m watching Cure based on your recommendation


That’s a right fucking pain TKC.

Making a nice big stir fry and then gonna find something to watch, or maybe just read my book, dunno.


Watching Angus cos someone posted the jack names the planets video the other day. What a soundtrack.


Made a lovely, comforting butternut squash soup. Having a beer, trying to plan wedding stuff. It’s all pretty expensive and causing niggling disagreements.


CONGRATULATIONS! I did not know you were getting married chief.


Good luck with the flat hunting TKC! I should be browsing letting sites this evening too but really CBA.

Instead I’m making some burgers to eat during the West Ham V Chelsea game. Will try and finish reading Girl in a Band after the match before inevitably nodding off mid sentence.


I’d probably just listen to girl band instead :grinning:




Liking the wedding, not the disagreements. Congrats!


Nahhhh :grinning: